Friday, March 6, 2015

It's Friday

Happy to see that Nancy and her meme, Random Friday are back!

When I think about the days and weeks before the Pres' admission to the hospital, I wish he had listened to me and gone in sooner.

Thanks to my niece for sharing her Cinnamon Cake Recipe...delicious, Michelle!

Seeing that warming temps are on the horizon is a tremendous relief.

Looking forward to a little rest this weekend.

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  1. Happy weekend JP..
    Hope that the Pres is better.
    those cakes look divine..
    hugs val xxx

  2. JP, I hope the Pres takes it easy from now on...Your cakes looks delicious, where is the recipe?

    Enjoy the warmer weekend, I am looking forward to a melt down of snow here.

  3. i guess i'm a little behind here...not keeping up with the latest, so i don't know what happened to the pres. i'll be back later on to sift through older posts. but anyway...i hope he feels better!!
    the cakes look yummy!
    have a relaxing weekend...sending wishes for warmer days...

  4. What?? The Pres is in hospital? What's happened? I missed that post I guess. I sure hope he is getting better!

  5. hoping you can catch up on rest.

  6. Keep that guy still and try to enjoy your week end... if he rest you can rest...

  7. that cinnamon cake looks really good. Have a restful weekend

  8. Cinnamon cake sounds delicious!

  9. We might all need that cinnamon bread recipe.

  10. That Cinnamon Cake looks yummy.
    I too wish my hubby had told me sooner about his health issues. What is it with men.
    Hope you get much needed rest.

  11. I'll need to read some of your older posts, JP, regarding the hubby. That bread looks amazing. :)


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