Friday, March 13, 2015

Heaven Sent

While the Pres was in the hospital, I was extremely nervous one particular morning so I kept busy...mopping, vacuuming, dusting, laundry.  Meanwhile the Pres was having a few tests done while under anesthesia which meant he would not be back in his room until that afternoon.  

Looking out the window, I squinted to focus on what I was seeing at the bottom of the hill.  then I could see a truck stopping as it made it's way up.
Scheduled to bring me to the hospital later that day, there he was.  Luke was spreading sand by hand, stopping intermittently along the road.  He'd gone to the sand bank, filled a 55 gallon drum and was spreading it by hand trying to make "the luge" safer.

Once he made it up to our driveway, I opened the garage.  Asking him if he wanted breakfast, he took off his workboots, came in and we enjoyed blueberry pancakes and sausage with OJ, speaking of the Pres' condition the whole time.  Tell me something.

Where do friends like this come from? 

After we finished breakfast, he told me he was going to crank up the snowblower "just to clear the area where the deer come in," so I went about my business of cleaning up the kitchen.  A few minutes later, there was snow flying up past the great room windows.  He was snow blowing all the paths for the dogs and I again!

So, where do friends like this come from?

I'm telling you they come from Heaven...:)

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  1. Bless his heart.

  2. Agreed, JP, friends like Luke are very special. And, you are as well for making that great breakfast which he most surely aplreciated!

  3. YES they do come from heaven and you have found a gem.. i love the snow pic out the window. i clean house when i am fretting or nervous.. always have

  4. If you have heaven-sent friends it means you deserve them. You are a good friend yourself. That's where they come from.

  5. Good friends are worth their weight in gold.

  6. Yes, good neighbors are such a blessing...and you've got a dandy!

  7. You're so fortunate to have someone like that to help.

  8. He's a keeper. What a great friend


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