Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Trails To Run

Anyone with a dog knows how difficult it is for them "to find a spot" when there's lots of snow on the ground.  While Moon will actually jump into the deep snow, make her own trail and then decide on her spot, it's not quite that easy with the boy, Copper. 


Normally the Pres plows a wide circle resembling a track in the yard making things a little easier for "the boy."

However, right before the blizzard hit, the 4 wheel drive stopped working on the ATV and is now in the shop.

So for Copper, it was back to following the paths I made trudging through the nearly two feet of snow.   

Breaking my heart as I watched "the boy" struggle through the deep snow, we agreed that it would be smart to invest in a snow blower.  

However, the next morning, after the Pres had left for work, I heard a motor out in the yard.  Coming upstairs and heading outside, I saw a hooded figure make his way through my yard with a snow blower!


Shooting the powdery white stuff high into the air, the hooded figure made his way around my entire yard, giving Moon and Copper more than ample trails to run and opened a path to all the fence gates for us as well as the area near our feeders!!  It was our friend, Luke...:)

Waving for him to see me, I said, "What are you doing?"

His response...so typical of some men, was a simple, "Playing."

I made Luke breakfast that morning...sausage, blueberry pancakes and eggs over easy.

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  1. wow, you are super kind to make breakfast. what a sweet, awesome, kind, OM.... i bet he appreciated your kindness. ( :

  2. Beautiful shots but all that snow is definitely lots of work. Sounds like a great reward for some help!

  3. It is wonderful having NICE neighbors.. We have a couple of neighbors that help us plow our driveway.. Otherwise, we are out their the old fashion shovel way.. lol.. I am happy for your puppy dogs, they will be much more comfy now.. Have a happy day!

  4. Such a nice neighbour to blow some paths for your dogs, and so are you to make him a hearty breakfast in return.
    In our backyard the years we've had heavy snowfall I've had to make a path for our little guy but usually he'll just pop out the door and go in the snow on the deck.

  5. what a wonderful man Luke is, playing and having a good time plus making trails for your boy... good Job Luke and I love the photo of the snow blowing

  6. One mans work is another mans play.

  7. How kind and thoughtful of him! I am so glad you rewarded him with such a wonderful breakfast!

  8. You have as much snow as we do JP. And good neighbours are awesome. I'm glad Copper has some good spots to run now.

  9. Aw poor doggie ... but he got someone made things easy for him. A good samaritan. That's quite a thick snow fir dogs to dig by the way.

  10. Oh goodness, what a beautiful story! "My" Bill kept a path for our little Black Jack before we moved into an apartment. She loved that path. My last dog used to search for the last bit of earth after the first snow, quite sure he couldn't do his business on that white stuff. Then, as Spring arrived, he searched for the last little bit of dirty, white crystals as they melted in the sun. Guess he wasn't a big fan of change :)

  11. Luke's a keeper :) What a sweet thing to do. We have a small area shoveled for Gibbs and he was out there frantically trying to find a spot, He wanted to go further out but the snow is way over his head.

  12. What a great guy! Bet the dogs are very happy.

  13. The best benefit of boys and their toys!

  14. I remember years ago we had a dog and we had to shovel out a spot for him to go. He was a small dog though. Wow...you have had a lot of snow!


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