Friday, February 13, 2015

Sending Love

Shipped in plenty of time to arrive for Valentine's Day, I hoped that my youngest granddaughter would enjoy the cookies I'd made.

Using the cookie press that I've had since my daughter and son were little (see the Orange $9.95 price sticker?), I knocked out the recipe for Orange Cookies, a nicely flavored buttery cookie. About one third of the tinted pink dough was put through the cookie press resulting in flowers, her favorite, dusted with confectioner's sugar; the remaing dough was used to make "bars" which I then filled with Nutella, creating sandwiches. There is something about the hint of orange in the cookie and the hazelnut spread that goes well together...:)

Meanwhile, the Pres went to the Post Office to get a variety of flat rate boxes because sending love matters!  Shortly after he returned home, the package was on it's way, hoping to put a little smile on her face when she discovered the single heart shaped cookie made just for her.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.  
May your hearts be filled with warmth and love...:

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  1. Baked with love for valentines sweet.

  2. Cookies from Grandma are the BEST!!! They spell LOVE because you lovingly made them yourself.

  3. That is so sweet, I am sure they taste delicious too. Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. A very sweet treat for your lucky granddaughter.

  5. a sweet treat that anyone would love to get in the mail

  6. I wish you had turned the box around because I think I have the same cookie press. Mine is very, very old. Possibly from the 1970's.

  7. i know she will love these cookies and all the love that went with them. i have often wondered what people use nutella for. i see all the chocolate spreads and think yuck on toast. never thought about putting it between cookies. bet that is super good.


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