Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Always, Always...

look up...

Watching these Bluebirds, I noticed that there was always one in the crowd that looked up.

There's one in every crowd...:)
Someone who looks for the good.
I'm one.
Are you?
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  1. this reminds me of the years i went hiking with my friend Diane, she always looked up and i always looked down. we both pointed out to the other photographer what she had missed...

  2. Somebody's got to watch out for danger from above.

  3. They're probably looking for predators but I like the idea of them 'looking up' and yes, I try to.

  4. Lovely Blue Bird shots! One is always a "scout" looking up for hawks and when perched reaching for danger on the ground. I have heard that birds use different alarm sounds to alert the others that there is danger either from the sky or from the ground.

  5. cute little blue birds!!
    well, i do try to look for the good...but i am always looking down...looking for some treasures...or just making sure i don't trip over something!! ha!

  6. I love the beautiful bluebirds, I wish they were in my yard too. Great shots!

  7. I try to be one of those people but it sure is hard sometimes.

  8. I usually look down to make sure of my step, and I have found some "goods" that way. An Attakapas Indian arrowhead here in the US and lots and lots of 1600 clay smoking pipes/ shards in Zoeterwoude, The Netherlands. So it can be a "good" thing to look down.
    Linda@ Wetcreek Blog

  9. I'm always looking skywards ... you just never know what might pass by.

  10. Even the birds know you cannot be too careful now days. Its best to keep a keen eye our even if a bird.

  11. Lately, I have been looking down a bit more than up just to check my footing on the packed snow and ice...but once the weather improves, so will my gaze.

  12. Lovely post... yes I look up and all around - so much beauty to see in this wonderful world of ours. I try to look past the not so nice aspects :D)


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