Tuesday, January 20, 2015

One Fell Swoop

On the phone with my Sister (who is, by the way, doing very well), I abruptly interrupted her story with, "Sis, let me call you back.  A hawk just got a bird."

Keeping boots, hats, gloves and jackets in the upstairs closet, I was out the slider in less than a minute and walking toward the scene of the crime.  Of course, seeing me heading toward him, it flew, landing on a nearby branch.

The crime of the scene revealed nothing but a single feather.

Sitting on that branch devouring whatever little one it got, it never even looked over it's shoulder.

When it dove though, it's wings looked long and pointed and it was fast...incredibly fast.
I'm thinking Cooper's Hawk.  Whatever it was, I wish it had turned around.

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"One fell swoop

To do something in one fell swoop is to do it suddenly or in a single, swift action."
(taken from Grammarist)


  1. It was too busy eating to turn around, great sighting.. Poor lil birdie! Enjoy your day!

  2. A little privacy at the lunch bar please lol.

  3. Há há!:) A guy needs to eat his lunch in peace!:)

  4. i would do the same thing if i were on the phone. we have seen the hawk in our tree with doves, when he leaves, there are a few scattered feathers on the ground. not many. last week behind a bush against the fence, we found every feather of a large bird in one spot on the ground... we think an owl must have sat there on the ground and devoured it all. the feathers were in a perfect circle not scattered

  5. I love that you use a word as your theme today, and then you define it at the bottom. That is really COOL!! What a little tragedy that unfolded right in front of you. Who knows what the victim even was, except for a good meal. I hope that later you will be able to identify the mystery diner.

  6. it didn't turn around because it was afraid you were going to ask if you could have a bite....lol

  7. Well, somebody got to eat today. Sad to witness, though.

  8. Yeah, its disconcerting to say the least, but I try to remember that all God's critters got to eat -- just like us. Then I take a big breath. Looks like a Cooper's to me, too.

  9. It didn't turn around coz its camera shy.

    Sad about the hunting but that is life.

  10. sad to see but this is the way of the wild.

  11. Ah yes... It didn't have to go hungry


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