Friday, December 12, 2014

The Three Garages

It was completed a few weeks ago and looks wonderful!!  The proportion in relation to the house is just perfect. Our never ending confidence in "OS" proved, once again, to hold true.  The Pres has been working on the inside lately...workbenches (yes, plural) and putting all his tools where they belong.

 While our focus has been on building the Pres' new stand alone garage, my smaller two car garage has been feeling left out. And let's face it, we all need "our time to shine" so now it's my turn.

Hopefully over the Winter, we will move things from my garage to the Pres' garage, giving us me a little more space.

Okay, that's two.  Now for number three.

Bringing up the next topic, I almost feel like I've been taken over by garages but here goes.

When we built our house, I'd asked OS to include a corner cabinet on the counter.  Always admiring the one my BFFs had at their house, I really saw the advantage of having it.

While some think it takes up counter space, I find it a perfect hideaway.  

Given the name "The Appliance Garage" by our builder,OS, I chuckle each time I say it out loud. Guess what has just earned a parking spot in it? new Bella teapot!

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  1. i like the garage in the kitchen! very cute!

  2. Your hubs is doing a great job - love the one in the kitchen too.

  3. A cute garage and cabinet.. Enjoy your evening!

  4. I do have one of those garages in my kitchen I love nine. Hug B

  5. Two garages (outdoors)...sigh.....we don't have even one. The wild child sits outside day and night all year round.

  6. NICE! My parents built the house I grew up in and my mother had the cabinets on the counter tops split so that the bottom ones housed all her small appliances. There were outlets in there and everything. I loved that kitchen. We are all tall so she had the counters higher than average. It was great.

  7. my ex mother in law had one in her kitchen. I always liked it

  8. Wow, that is SO cool! I had been thinking of putting breads in it, but your idea is even better. It is so pretty, and matches your cabinets too. I like to keep my counters pretty bare, so there is room for bringing groceries in and such. But we do not have any corners, believe it or not!

  9. I lived with no garage in our winters for 25 years...I love having one..

  10. Very jealous of the scale of The Pres's man shed!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  11. they are all great, but my favorite is the one in your kitchen. i love to hide things rathr than sit them on the counter. perfect fit...


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