Sunday, December 21, 2014


The wrong size is NOT always returnable.  Trust me.  Sometimes when things don't fit the way they're supposed to, people get cranky too!  Take my word for it.

Sure it's easy enough to return an article of clothing, if it's the wrong size. You can do that with shoes, boots, sneakers, gloves, hats...just about anything, in fact.  And during the shopping season, retailers seem a bit more accommodating, don't you think?

But what do you do when a 10' x 9' garage door doesn't fit????

Yep. You read right. 

 Needless to say last week the Pres was not the happiest camper when
 he was out there with the installer...
 in the pouring rain...
 only to find out that the opening was too big!
Bah Humbug!!!

  Actually, I think one side is not plumb, which caused the problem.  Bear in mind, the opening had already been finished.  That means trimmed and sided. Yep. You read that right too.

Meanwhile the railing for the stairs and landing on the exterior were completed while the electrician worked his magic on the interior.  The coach lights and motion detectors have been ordered.  Everything else is nearly completed.

Return the door?

Heck no.
The opening will be adjusted to the correct size by adding extra piece of trim on one side to make it work.  Is the Pres happy with that?  Well, all I can say is that he nearly bit my head off when I asked about the insulation.  

Letting it slide, I moved on,
walking off toward the trunk of my car to get the new wreath I bought for the new garage.  Then I said in a deep bellowing voice...


Because I decided that when things go wrong, a smile will get you through it!!

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  1. Oh no, I am glad there seemed to be any easy fix? I love the wreath! Have a happy Sunday!

  2. I can say with certainty that my husband would have been a bear over this situation. Best to stay far away and offer praise when the job is completed. I lke the new wreath!

  3. Ho Ho Hope he's in a better mood tomorrow.

  4. too big might be better than too small in this case!

  5. You are right about the 'smile' ~ take things as 'lightly' as one can ~ It will all work out for a time and the next thing will come along ~ tis life.

    Happy Holidays,
    artmusedog and carol

    ps. While you had the wrong size for a garage door ~ here in MA they had wrong size for broken window on my car ~ took them 3 visits to get the right size glass and it still needs attention from an 'auto/body' co. HO! HO!

  6. best way to handle it. HO HO HO JP

  7. Kind of takes some of the fun out of getting a new garage...but he'll get over it. And now you have a story to tell that might even be a tad funny by Christmas! Merry Christmas!

  8. HO HO HO is a much better way to handle that situation that the BAH HUMBUGH I probably would have given Sounds like one frustrating day for the pres

  9. Time to bake his favorite sweet treat! Grin, bear it, and bake. Heard you are especially good at the last one ;>} hugs, Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  10. Oh my gosh - I don't blame him! Hope tomorrow is better.

  11. Bummer!! Well, I guess I can't blame him for wanting it to be right.

  12. I guess that would be a little frustrating. At least you can make it work!

  13. My father - who was a shipwright - always said measure twice and cut once! Its advice I have often failed to heed!

    Hope you have a good Christmas.

    cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne


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