Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Practicing On The Birds

Although the pic is rather dark, you can clearly see my little male Eastern Bluebird is enjoying crumbs from the suet.

If fact, after seeing a suggestion for hanging suet, the Pres has since changed the way we hang suet to accommodate those "birds that cannot hang sideways.

Go ahead, just say it....AWWWWWWWW how know you want to!!

Accessing the suet is easy for the Nuthatches and Woodpeckers.
 Suet is a high energy food that is easily digested in birds such as wrens, creepers, jays, chickadees, nuthatches and woodpeckers to name a few.  It is especially helpful in cold weather since it consists mostly of hard fat some blended with seeds and  peanuts.

Of course, one of the favorite feeders for those tiny Chickadees and Finches is our globe.

It protects them from the larger falcons and hawks that hang out in the woods only a few flaps away!

This bunch was waiting for me to finish filling the seed feeders.

Then there's always the larger birds like my regular raptors who don't need my help at all.

Oh, one more thing.  Frank, if you see this post.  I'm getting better, aren't I?


  1. OH! I wish I had bluebirds at my feeders!

  2. I like that globe idea. Around here, we have a resident large hawk (not a redtail either) that I spotted in my back yard yesterday with a rat it caught.

  3. Little birdies in the Christmas ornaments.

  4. What a clever globe feeder...the little ones are protected from predators! You have a great variety here! Your bluebird is very plumped up, t must be COLD!

  5. So cute :-) Your post made me smile.

  6. Wonderful series of birds and photos! I think they are very happy with all the food you provide!

  7. aw, it is cute. I've never had one of those at my feeder

  8. Unfortunately, if I put out suet, I get coyotes, not sweet birds!

  9. I like that globe feeder. I don't think I've seen a feeder quite like that before.

  10. Yes...awwww! The bluebird is adorable! Love all your shots, and I know the birds love the way you accomodate their needs. In turn they bring us such joy!

  11. Great shots of all the birds enjoying your hospitality.


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