Wednesday, December 3, 2014

On Gravel Roads

Making the climb up the gravel road to our place is a piece of cake compared to the gravel road we lived on in Virginia.  There, we were in a hollow so the climb up and over was a ture "climb," especially if you were walking.

Inspired by an elderly gentleman (then in his eighties) who I would see walking up his side to the top when I was on my way to work, I decided to give it a try from our side.  For the last six years we lived there, the dogs and I would walk to the top and then back to the house which was wonderful fun and exercise.

It seemed rather fitting that when we moved here, our place would be at the top of a gravel road rather than the bottom.

This is dedicated to all the miles the dogs and I have walked..."on gravel roads."

In addition to treading miles, there are the rewards brought to me by Mother Nature along with the deep breathing of fresh air.  These memories are the ones I cherish the most.

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Can you tell it was a tad breezy that day?


  1. That is great exercise! I like the gravel road in your photo and would enjoy walking there as there isn't much traffic. Is that a hawk in the pictures?

  2. I love the outdoors and those are very nice pictures.

  3. A little ruffling of the feathers gives the wind away.

  4. love a nice quiet back road where you can take a walk and not have to breathe in car exhaust fumes

  5. I think that breeze is messing up his fabulous hairdo! Walking is so good for us. And I think that people who do it on tracks or in gyms really miss seeing some wonderful things, plus of course the fresh air. Well, gyms ARE good for bad weather, but that is all!

  6. Great pictures! Sounds like a great way to get exercise and breathe the fresh air! And you get treated with a hawk encounter!

  7. I like that gravel road disappearing into the woods. I walked one today - mine was snow-covered.

  8. great idea, fun and excercise and it will give you many more years to walk those gravel roads. my one bad memory of a gravel road, at age 14 the school bus took us a 30 minute ride into Burnside KY to school.. the roads were gravel as was the parking lot at school. afraid i would miss the bus when school let out, i ran full tilt and sprawled out taking skin off both knees and hands. the bad part came in when i got home and had teeny pieces of gravel up under the skin and daddy had to pick them ou with tweezers. you would not want to hear the screams

  9. Thank you for sharing not only a beautiful setting, but the thoughts on traveling a gravel road and the rewards it can offer.

    How splendid you found a Hawk!


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