Sunday, November 9, 2014

Two Days

Well actually, it was a day and a half but I didn't like that as a title.

The boys showed up and began working on the garage frame Monday.  Somehow I knew that the Pres would not be able to sit and watch...LOL!

  Taking the majority of these before I left for my granddaughter's, I knew they would get it done because the only break they took was when I brought out the trays of warm baked goodies.

When I pulled in the driveway Tuesday night, it was dark...too dark to really see much of anything so I waited until morning to take the picture in the lower right corner.

The roof is next.

So do you think a nice raspberry filled danish would be a hit with them next week?

Sharing a bit of happiness (bruised head and all) with you and those at


  1. They got a lot done. They'll do even more for that raspberry danish.

  2. Wow, they work fast. And more baked goods should spur them on even more.

  3. It is REALLY coming along. Is there a finish date? Maybe that is why they are working so well, your delicious treats!

  4. Progressing well and I'm sure any 'danish' bribe will spur them on to completion.

  5. r u ever going 2 show us that knoggin' of yours n a picture ?!! maybe u need a 4x4 anoymous

    1. I know I know that is spelled wrong my silly phone was acting up!!! ( :

  6. I hope your bruised head is getting better. The neon green wave in the top middle is cute and bottom right is showing how everything's coming together.
    Raspberry danishes would be a big hit, be sure to save one for yourself.

  7. You just have to get the roof on before the first snow. I think you'll make it.

  8. looks good, sure hope your head feels better soon.

  9. The danish would definitely be a hit with me!

  10. Looks the work is progressing nicely! If the workers don't want the raspberry danish I'll be right over.


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