Friday, November 7, 2014

Time For Gloves

Arriving early as usual, the first thing I felt was the wind.  This wind was not at our house.  However, I knew that once I was nestled down in the kayak, I would be warm enough.  After all, I did wear a windbreaker.

Readying myself with the tailgater of the Wrangler open, I watched the kayak bobbing up and down at the water's edge.  Then in the distance, I saw these people all of whom climbed into their small boat all of whom wearing Winter coats.  I wondered...would I be warm enough?

My plan was to scoot through the tunnels and continue paddling until I got to the dam.  Perhaps it would be less windy on that side of the lake. can do. 

 Because of recent rains, the water table was up...really up...and scooting through the tunnel on the right would be a tad of an adventure while the tunnel on the left was doable.

And yes, tranquil waters waited on the other side...
water as smooth as polished glass.

So quiet.  A lone seagull landed in the water being sure to keep it's distance as I took in the Mother Earth's bounty.

Paddling back, I knew it was worth it as the sun permeated every muscle. 
However, I will admit I never took off my neoprene gloves.

How about you?
Have you taken out your gloves yet?

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  1. Lovely scenes from your kayak outing.. The water and trees are pretty! It was cold and windy here today, maybe colder tomorrow.. The gloves will be coming out..Happy weekend!

  2. supposed to get close to freezing here next week. :)

    the water is beautiful.

  3. I haven't but I've made the announcement that tomorrow it will be winter coat day....and that means the gloves will be coming out as well.

  4. Oh this sounds so perfect to me a girl far from the water:) Hug B

  5. Love your photos of that Serenity . Food for the soul :)
    To be near or on the Water is so therapeutic. I love the beach but not sure about being on a Kayak travelling over deep water....each to our own

    Over here we are in spring but with a mix up of seasons happening. From Summer to winter.

    Love your blog.
    Alexa blogging from Sydney, Australia

  6. Oh my gosh, it is so beautiful. Such intense and beautiful blues. And I love the pattern on the water in front of the tunnel! Forget about me wearing gloves, I have been known to run out somewhere in the winter with no coat!

  7. Oh, I detest wearing gloves but I know they'll be necessary before long.

    Looks like you did squeeze in another lovely day on the water.

  8. I wore my gloves for the first time this week. Yep. It's cold!

  9. When I go out in a boat I always take more clothes than I think I need! But, more often than not i put them on!!

    Nice post.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  10. stunning views and reflections. we don't have a single pair of gloves in our house. bob has work gloves for shoveling.

  11. So pretty.
    I've taken out my gloves, hat and scarf

  12. Marvelous photos of a wonderful landscape on a sunny day. Gorgeous !
    Best regards, Karin

  13. I will need to find my gloves too! Tom The Backroads Traveller

  14. No, but I put a sweatshirt jacket on for the football game Friday night. Does that count? It's so nice when I can complain about being cold instead of hot. :)


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