Monday, November 3, 2014

So Far Behind

Here it is Monday and I am so far behind  with another full agenda for this week too!  Guessing that is a good thing at this stage of the game, I head to my granddaughter's for a sleepover...:) and babysitting duty tomorrow.

So glad we moved back to CT!

Oh, one more thing.  This morning as I was getting off the exit for the gym, I spotted an adult American Bald Eagle perched.  With it's back to the sun, it sat quietly surrounded by three big black American Crows.

Remember...tomorrow is ELECTION DAY.  Go out and is a privilege given to us as Americans.

We are still awaiting news on the Pres' honey's...bloodwork, so, as scheduled, he is working the polls all day.

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  1. Maybe the crows were his personal bodyguards. Maybe he was THEIR bodyguard! What an exciting find!

  2. seems like I'm always behind these days

  3. Pretty mosaic! Have fun with your granddaughter.. Have a great Tuesday!

  4. Good luck to the Pres on the blood work results.

  5. enjoy your sleep over, praying for good results... wow on the Eagle

  6. I'm playing catch up again and wondered if you had heard anything yet.

    How is your sister doing now?

    I'm wondering about both of them.


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