Sunday, November 16, 2014

Oh, Honey....

 "Oh Honey, " I said climbing the staircase carrying the vacuum cleaner, my cell phone, my vitamins and the blue jar Vicks Vapor Rub tucked inside the Kleenex Tissue Box.

"Oh Honey...I need you to help me with something."

"What's the matter?" said the Pres.

"Well, two of my bloggers have been trying to explain to me via email what "F-Stop" means and how the aperture can significantly affect a photograph.  So can you walk me through what I would have to do with my Nikon so it isn't set on Auto anymore?"

So, he did. And look what I practiced on!  It's the little ceramic bird my son painted when he was in daycare thirty six years ago.  Now faded to a pale yellow, I think it made a perfect subject.  Now all I have to do is remember how to do it again...:)

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Oh, one more thing.  A special thank you to my photography coaches...Ed (Sunday Stills) and Henry Photography Blog by Henry George)!

Now just wait until you see what another awesome photographer, Frank, taught me!


  1. Now you can explain it to the rest of us lol.

  2. they all did a great job, love that last shot.. i am with you, i sit with the book and play and play and get it to work, 3 days later, i can't remember what i did... can't wait to see what is NEXT

  3. Well done JP. Good to see you putting those tips into action and looking forward to seeing what else you captured.

    Hope you get rid of that nasty cold very soon.

  4. Oh, the learning curve. Join the club!

  5. Oh f-stops and things are very complicated. Well done you for attempting to master them. It looks like you're doing really well!

  6. There you go. I always shoot in Aperture priority or manual. I understand f-stop, but still struggle with shutter speed.

  7. Good job, JP! Keep practicing - it gets easier with time.

  8. you did a great job. all the technical stuff confuses the heck out of me

  9. Such a wonderful illustration on what a difference the aperture has on photos - and written in such a lovely way! I have also learned it a while ago ... trying to master some of the functions my Nikon has :-)
    Let's keep being adventurous with cameras ... Just one thing at a time, though;-)

  10. Good for you! That's something I need to learn to do as well.

  11. I love taking pictures.. Good Job~!
    This little bird is just priceless. It just says "Love"...from a son that made it with the love he has for you.. How Precious~!
    Have a great day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)


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