Saturday, November 15, 2014

Oh Holy Night

or should I say DAY?

While the Pres and I have been busy this week with the garage activity.  He's been helping the boys most days and I've been baking up a storm for them.  Meanwhile, Moon and Copper have not been getting that much attention.  To some degree, they are enjoying their freedom.


Look what I came across one day when I walked in to get the boys their afternoon snack for coffee break!

  I saw the whole thing happening right before my eyes through the slider.  There they were...digging and digging...working as a team.  First one would dig, then the other.  Finally, gazing downward, then they just stood hovering over the hole.

Watching who was doing what, I saw Copper scoot off to the side as soon as he detected movement near the slider.  It was my favorite girl that snitched explained just what happened!

Of course, first I got 
the speech.

Then once she saw I had the camera in hand, she sat as always so I could take her picture...LOL!

Once Moon finished her story and I said, "Show me'" 
I got "the nose" pointing in Copper's direction, telling me that it was his idea. 

Not sure if I believe her this time.

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  1. now i am wondering just what is in that hole... but when Baby digs she digs for joy... no critters just tons of dirt and a hole to China

  2. no pointing fingers, er, noses! :)

  3. Our Marshall was a digger too, even in the snow.

  4. Just like little was HER fault.

  5. Love it .... what WAS in that hole???

    diane @ thoughts and shots

  6. Just like little kids pointing the finger, I mean nose huh?
    Hard to be angry with that sweet little face looking at you. :-)

  7. LOL, I love it. Canine siblings tattling on each other :)

  8. He started it! No, he did! (Just like kids) :-)

  9. Love the teamwork, then the blaming. They certainly are just like human children sometimes.

  10. Don't they look so sweet and innocent!


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