Sunday, October 26, 2014

Some Late Surprises

While working in the upper level of my garden bed, I noticed something new.

Normally the heads on my Sedum turn from reddish burgundy to brown this time of year. And they did.

But what surprised me was seeing the tiny pink flowers that had emerged where a stem had broken off.  I was pleasantly surprised as they do resemble the flowers on other varieties of Sedum.

This stuff is so easy to root. Just cut off a piece and stick the fleshy stem in the ground. that I told you that, I think I'll go take a few more cuttings!

Oh, and speaking of surprises.

Our female Holly has a few flowers too!!!

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  1. Always nice when Mother Nature hands you a little surprise.

  2. a blogger mailed me hens and chicks, about 40 of them. i planted half and bob planted half since i kill what plant i touch. they all were dead within 4 weeks.

  3. I found a surprise in the garden yesterday- one plant had really taken off on the growth chart and, when I pulled it back, there was a little yellow flower that I had forgotten all about!

  4. Those are so cute and delicate.

  5. Ver cool I love plant cutting that root and plant clipping in little vases on my window sills rooting ~ something just awesome about it :)

  6. Wow, that is very cool!!! So if a piece is broken off, it flowers?

  7. What a pretty surprise.. Lovely pink bloom.. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  8. I've never seen a bloom like that on sedum before. A nice find this late in the season. I have a huge sedum Autumn Joy that grew from one tiny stem that broke off my other Sedum a few years ago. I just stuck it in the ground as you said and now it's huge! Amazing eh?

  9. Thanks for the reminder - I should root some of mine. That's a pretty bloom!

  10. Sedum really is something you just can't kill, making it a favorite of mine! And those little flowers are a fun little surprise this time of year--It beats a snake any day!

    I enjoyed your last post too! I think pouring concrete is pretty interesting--We watched them pour our new side walk at work, and had a hard time resisting the urge to sign our name on it--Did you and the Pres put 'your autograph' on one of the edges?

  11. awesome!!! luv it! nature is cool like that ( :


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