Friday, October 10, 2014

Ideal Day

Water, one of our invaluable natural resources and something we cannot live without, never lets me down.

Can you see WHY?

Anxious to get through the "keyhole" formed by the reflection of the tunnel

only to find

so much waiting on the other side.

For every action, there's a reaction.

Watching the ripples in the water caused by my paddles as they disturb the beautiful "watercolor."

Yes. It was an ideal day...:)

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  1. That last shot is a WOW photo. Gorgeous colors and trees. I love the reflections.. Happy weekend!

  2. That tree and its roots! Amazing photos, and I liked the cloud shots in your previous post, too.hugs, Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  3. Magnificent take #1 then following after the rest I liked.

  4. Oh, how stunning! It is gorgeous!! Double beauty! Your first picture is also double! Just as pretty, but in a different way.

  5. That last shot is a beauty. Have you thought of compiling your own calendar?

  6. Absolutely beautiful!!!

    Pictures of heaven.

  7. I see your fall is turning vivid. How great to be paddling through that scene!


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