Saturday, October 25, 2014

Done Watching

The Pres and I have always worked for a living and like the majority of people, nothing was ever "handed" to us.  We both came from hard working families who instilled in us a good work ethic. Everyone was expected to pitch in and freeloading.  That was/is not our style.

So last week when the floor of the garage was scheduled to be poured, I had asked the Pres to take a few pix in case I wasn't back from the gym yet when the fellow got there. 

 Now remember, because I headed out extra early, I was back home earlier than normal.
Bottom line is this.  While the pix the Pres took came out great, when I got home I got the best one  two!  

Don't you think?

I caught the Pres snapping a few pix as the fella finished smoothing out the floor...adorable.  The guy in flannel doing his job...:)

(Can you see Moon in the lower left corner just in case the Pres needed help defending himself from the man with the big stick...LOL?)

Then a few minutes later when I looked out...

a very tired dog...

apparently done doing her job!

Sharing a tired watchdog with you and those at

Saturday Critters

Camera Critters

So which is your favorite?


  1. Moon is exhausted from watching and watching and watching.. hubby did a great job, so did you..

  2. The sleeping watchdog wins hands down.

  3. I like all the pics because they show the progress of the floor which I find interesting, but especially the smoothing tool.
    The pouring and drying of cement must be enough to put a good dog to sleep. :-)
    Have a good weekend.

  4. I like all the photos but I sure can appreciate how tired Moon felt. Watching is HARD work!

  5. Supervising is hard work. He earned his nap.

  6. Must be nice to see this happening.

    All that standing guard would wear a dog out!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  7. Love your dog tired from supervising the garage floor job!

    Happy Week ahead for you >
    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  8. Moon did a great job at a watchdog..Apparently being a guard dog is hard work.. Great shots. Thank you for linking up, have a happy week!


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