Monday, September 8, 2014


" 'Tis the season", said the spider to the fly
"This is a trap that you cannot get by.
Draped across their front door
Coming and going allowed no more."

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  1. haha. walked into a few of those at night, myself. :)

  2. we walk into them a lot here and i don't like it at all....

  3. Very creative montage of photos ~ love the spider~

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  4. Fun mosaic! It's fine if you can see the spider but when there's a long web to wrap across your face with no warning - yuck!
    Thank you for linking to Mosaic Monday JP.

  5. we have a ton of spider webs out in our front yard. We usually walk through them ever time we walk out the front door. I even had one on the passenger side of my car from the mirror to the door. It had a big spider on it that traveled back and forth to work with me for a few

  6. Oh yes, the proverbial spider web. Ewwww. I don't like them at all and always manage to walk through them it seems. :) Nice mosaic.

  7. Poem is great, picture very scary! I have arachnophobia, so If I ran into this going out the door, I think I would literally have a heart attack! And now with Fall coming, they will be creeping into the house to get warm!

  8. Wow - delicate and gorgeous!

  9. I hate the Spiders this time of year. They get all over my running route.

  10. Fabulous images with a lovely verse.


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