Friday, September 19, 2014

They Missed ME

When Luke and Laura (our friends/neighbors who live down the road) left for their  vacation, we knew that their week at the beach would fly by.  Yet while they were gone, it seemed a little empty.  We missed them although we don't see them every day.  Crazy, right?

After they returned, they called asking us if they could stop by with the girls.  Anxious to see them all and waiting in the driveway, I watched as the first ATV sailed up the gravel road.  Wearing all of her protective clothing and helmet, it was Moon and Copper's best buddy (our dog/house sitter).  Eating her dust was the younger of the girls (their 15 year old) clad in her helmet, gloves and boots.  Within a split second, the Harley driven by Luke carrying Laura on the back shot up and took it's place near the ATVs.

Exchanging hugs and smiles, Laura handed me with this...

bird feeder made from driftwood

Isn't it gorgeous?

Sharing my new feeder with you and those at 


  1. What a cute bird feeder. And a lovely gift from your neighbours too.

  2. One of a kind, I'd say and nice to be remembered.

  3. it is pretty but the sight i see in my head of your description of the arrival of this family is even better...

  4. That is super cool and what marvelous neighbors to have!

  5. Question: Are you really going to put that outside? And what a perfect gift for Miss Birdwatcher! Have a great weekend.Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  6. What awesome neighbors!! It looks like a mini cabin. And with winter coming, the birds will need it. SO thoughtful.

  7. Nice neighbors! Love the bird feeders! Happy weekend!

  8. what a great looking bird feeder. Love the rustic look of it

  9. I love the vision in my head of the family's arrival. Great description. That's a neat bird feeder. It should weather well.


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