Thursday, September 4, 2014

Diametrically Opposed

Fence Along the Dunes

My daughter and I were talking about this the other day.

In some aspects, we are similar.
  In other ways we are
diametrically opposed.

They live at the beach.

We live in the woods.

Four Foot Ferns Along Fence

Between us...
the best of both worlds.

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So where did your fence take you this week?


  1. The beach is lovely but I LOVE the woods. :)

  2. ha ha on taking me anywhere, just to my side yard.... and i almost passed out from the heat doing that.... no outdoors for me until November.

  3. Indeed I think all mothers and daughters are like that. So nice you both have great places to live and visit.

  4. to each his own. but you still love each other and get along. that's all that matters.

  5. thanks for the lovely views - both of them. thanks (in advance) for linking in!

  6. I love both - most of my family lives near the beach, we live in the mountains. I really can't complain.

  7. I didn't see you link in the line-up this morning. Anyway I like both fences but I've got to say if I had to pick where to live, I'd go with the beach just because I love the ocean so much.

  8. That is kid of cool! So when each of you yearns for a bit of the opposite, you can just go visit each other and have the best of both worlds!

  9. Makes ti nicer when you visit since you live differently.

  10. Not writing on my blog but I am checking on my favorite blogs.. I love the beach....and how relaxing it is to go there once a year..
    My fences are in the farm fields along with the wild flowers.
    Have a great day..ta ta for now from Iowa.

  11. Definitely the best of both worlds.


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