Monday, September 22, 2014

Apple Pickin'

Any iPad users out there in blogland?



IF you use Gmail, do you access it through the Gogle App which also has things like Calendar, Maps, Blogger and Chrome to name a few OR did you manually add Gmail via the Settings/Mail/contacts/Calendar on your iPad?


  1. I don't have an iPad so I'll just say howdy :)

  2. Ha! I was looking for some fresh picked apples.. I have my gmail set up under the email setting..

  3. I use the mail app that came with it as I only want the mail and not any of the other Google stuff

  4. I do not even have a cell phone let alone an iPad.

  5. no G's or I's in our family. sorry

  6. I'm a PC user but I have a gmail account. I just added it to my Windows Live Mail accounts list and it pulls up with my other email accounts. You have to get the proper settings to enter, of course.

  7. Good question!--I have to have it cause one friend sends stuff that way-just set settings to receive it! Now the weathers changing I'll see u more often ! Hard catching up on everyone!!


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