Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Pain In The Neck

Saturday morning while I waited for the Pres to finish getting ready, I spotted something out the kitchen window.  Looking in the direction of where our new garage will be, I saw a bird on one of the Pres' deer targets.

Can you see it?

When I got zoomer and zoomed in, I chuckled and couldn't wait until the Pres came out of the bathroom to see his reaction.  I thought it was so adorable.  However (and you know what that means) the Pres (also known as old cranky pants some days) was not impressed with the little guy's work.  Then he mumbled under his breath, "What a pain in the neck."

"Oh honey, stop it.  It's a bird.  And besides, I think
 the target would make a great house!  Think of all the room they would have!!"
He joined in and said, "Well, it would certainly be warm since it's made out of styrofoam."

When we got home later than afternoon and I walked over to the target, I saw that Pres had taken a rock and shoved it in the hole!!!
So I thought... 

What's more important?
the old dilapidated deer target that's full of holes anyway
a woodpecker on a mission?

Do you really have to ask me what I did?

That evening, as I stood cleaning up from supper, the woodpecker returned... and although glad, I remained silent keeping my little secret.  The next morning, when I once again gazed out the window, there it was...pecking and chiping it's way into the body of the twenty five year old, worn target.

  We need to share our space with the creatures around us.
Besides, the Pres has two other targets!!!

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Do you see why the Pres thinks I'm a pain in the neck?


  1. As far as woodpeckers are concerned I think they can do pretty much as they please!

    Nice post.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  2. That thing is big enough for a woodpecker condo.

  3. A target some 20 yrs old? Wow! Ours never lasted anywhere near that long. I think you did a good thing removing the rock...despite my love of venison!

  4. when i saw the title i thought you were doing a post on Bob or Baby Girl, both of whom are pain in the necks... I am NEVER a pain in the neck. LOL... i would have done the same thing, let the bird have the target.. you done good and I don't consider that a pain in the neck.. except of course in the neck of the target...

  5. What a condo that woodpecker has! (Don't tell the Pres.) My husband doesn't like me to feed the Gray Jays when I sit on our deck because they might poop! Give me a break! (Those Jays are looking nice and plump - don't tell him...)

  6. Oh my gosh, this is priceless!!! I think he may be looking for insects? Or maybe he will really make this his winter house! I hope your husband is kind to him. We have one that I have dubbed Woody. Every fall he comes and wakes us up by pecking on the bedroom window. Other than losing sleep, it concerns us because maybe he is finding bugs in the window frame...

  7. One up for the Woodie and you.

  8. That is so funny. I am glad the woodie has you on its side! Have a great evening!

  9. Old cranky pants? I didn't know the Pres was related to Wade...lol
    I would have taken the rock out too

  10. Good for you to provide a unique nesting hole for the woodpecker. Does cranky pants want coal in his stocking this year? LOL

  11. Oh how funny. Woodpeckers are so comical. They are fun to watch.
    Thanks for sharing this it was fun. And thanks for coming by the Blue Monday Cupcake post. Thanks for the sweet comment!

  12. I would have let that little cutie do the same thing!

  13. Funny! I hope the Pres doesn't shoot the woodpecker during target practice!!!

    Cindy Bee

  14. That is so funny! Who would have thought eh? I wonder if it will live in there.

  15. That's wonderful. What a stunner of a woodpecker! Glad this one has found a home before winter begins.

  16. Our neighbours have the same thing happening to the back of their house.... woodpeckers love the new acrylic type stucco ... if it is put on over Tyvek insulation.... for whatever reason.... they don/'t bother the old fashioned cement type stucco..... but, they now have about a dozen holes in their house side! They keep trying to put up owls, sparkly tinsel...even catching and killing some (I was shocked to hear that) .... but, they won't stop... I saw the stucco guy there again last week, probably repairing a bunch more holes....they may as well give up and replace the silly new fangled stucco with some smart boards or something.....

  17. Oh my that made me chuckle.

  18. Cute story and photos. I love woodpeckers.

  19. alright, good for you. Buy Pres a new target for Christmas.lol

  20. Ha Ha.....that woodpecker is on a mission and they don't give up...I wonder if it is looking for some insect larva of some kind or a roost... Cute..cute.. perfect for Nature Notes..Michelle


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