Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The World of Immatures

I have intentionally stayed away from the nesting area although I hear the immature almost daily since it fledged.  Noting the times of it's excessive...and I mean excessive...crying in my journal (for future reference and for my own benefit), I hadn't visited in several weeks.  Feeling it needed it's space to master flying and perhaps a little hunting, I kept my distance.

To my surprise, however, on Friday afternoon, as I was emailing Kate (Div of Wildlife), I heard an adult too.  First the immature going on about something...probably complaining about being hungry.  Then the immature chirping, as if to say, Come on, follow me to a great fishing spot.  Then the immature again...going on and on, begging for a free meal.  And finally the adult in a calming reassuring tone.  Then total silence as they took flight heading toward the dam. 

Meanwhile, as I attached a few pix to Kate's email, cc'ing a dear friend from Goodwin State Forest, this immature showed up.

You see, where I live, it's not all about eagles
being ready with the camera...LOL!

Sending my apologies for the blurry pic to you and those at


  1. I am excited to read that with listening you are hearing what the birds are saying. Unfortunately the only bird I've managed this with is adult robins and know when they are agitated to the soft chirping of encouragement to a baby to follow them in flight.
    Maybe I spend too much time sitting, watching and listening in the garden. LOL
    Did that baby dear hop over the fence?

  2. i love that sweet little four legged immature a lot. i want to see one. i have seen and Eagle but not a baby deer..

  3. Good capture! You caught his jumping action going over he fence!!! Glad your camera was ready!!!

  4. I always love seeing the deer! Cute shots..

  5. You have your own wild life sanctuary there. That's awesome

  6. awwwww so pretty. glad the inmature is doing well.

  7. I am SO jealous of your wildlife. Best I can hope for is an occasional magpie, a few blackbirds and glimpses of a squirrel now and again. :(

  8. I'm so glad they still have a place by you to roam. Too much civilization here. However, some months back there was an alligator in a yard in the next neighborhood. Bet you don't get them!

  9. Beautiful capture. Thanks for sharing with us urban folks. I miss these kind of shots!

  10. It has been interesting to follow this via your blog posts... Love the deer!...... Michelle

  11. We have deer visit our backyards. I suppose there is too much construction in New Jersey, and their natural habitats are being destroyed. Neat to see your quick jumper.


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