Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Bold and the Brazen

No this isn't a clip from a soap opera.
This is reality!
Although we didn't plant a vegetable garden, you know how I am about the yard and our plants.  I'd seen signs of the little cute little critters every now and then.  Then, before I knew it, I began to see them (as in more than one!!) scurry off when we were working in the yard, pulling up the gravel road and even while gardening.

 Ahhh...there you are you rascally rabbit, hiding near the tall ferns along the edge of the fence.

Then he was off and in a second he was near the entrance to the woods.  He stopped, watching me, waiting for my next move.

Hidden by the golf cart, he was cornered...I thought.

I was wrong.

This one got away...


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Did you know that these bold and brazen bunnies eat Pansies?
Did you know that these bold and brazen bunnies eat Lupines?

Rascally rabbits!!


  1. They destroy my pussy willow bushes over the winter.

  2. i am having trouble believing those sweet innocent bunnies eat flowers... make that wascally Wabbits
    love Bugs B

  3. Those bold and brazen bunnies are hungry, and you set up a nice buffet! Have you tried setting out pinwheels in your flower garden? That helps. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  4. they're running rampant here, too.

  5. but ... the wascally wabbits are so cute! I agree with Linda, you've set up a delicious buffet for the them. Perhaps the weather will be bad and they need to store up some fat???!!! fun post. happy critter day!

  6. Oh I loved my visit. I love those rascals! They can be a little annoying though I guess. You got some great shots. I linked a couple of my dog! I enjoyed my visit. I'll be following you.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  7. I love them but then they are doing me no harm.

  8. I love the cute bunnies, but my dog usually keeps them at a distance.. Adorable photos! Thank you for linking up to my critter party, enjoy your weekend!

  9. No, I did not know that! Here is what we did. Plant carrots! They love carrot greens much better. Good shots.

  10. Oh, my. That is surely bad news for plants.

  11. Fun photos and post! We seem to be having a lot of those little 'wascally wabbits' in our yard this year. But this evening I saw the owl swoop past a couple of times, so we may not be seeing as many as we have been...

    I hope you're doing well and have had a good week, JP!!

  12. I like that first photo JP. The rabbits prune most of my shrubs over winter whether they need it or not!

  13. Thanks for coming by and visiting my 'shaggy' dog! She is really shaggy right now. Hopefully going to groomers on Mon. or Tues. I'll have to take pics.
    She is really a big shaggy girl.
    I really have to hold onto her when we walk we sometimes see little bunnies and almost always squirrels. Thanks again for coming by.
    Enjoy your Sunday.

  14. The rabbits here are very skinny because there's so little for them to eat. I leave out leaves and stuff that we don't want from our veggie garden. One even got in through the fence. I rather liked how he figured out to get in and out. He's gone now so veggies are still OK. We do kill gophers if they trespass in the veggie garden, they are just too destructive. We have no flowers any more because of the severe drought. Good luck with the fat rabbits.

  15. I enjoy watching the rabbits. Nice pictures.

  16. We had one here for a while but a few months ago Wade found it dead in the back yard.

  17. I adore the rascals, but...I haven't had any problems with them eating my plants. They avoid getting too close to our cat. Have a good evening!

  18. We have only seen one bunny in a year or so. We used to see them more before a subdivision was put in behind us. They're cute but love the gardens.

  19. I'd love to have them around here. I feed the squirrels and I wouldn't mind feeding rabbits too. Of course, it might drive the dog crazy.

  20. They eat the clover here....cute little things...interesting comments...


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