Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sitting Tall

It just would NOT be quiet.  For nearly three straight hours the intermittent cry of the young eagle continued.  On and on it went and judging from the direction of it's squawk, it was right over our treeline.  Knowing that it was waiting for a handout from the adults, I readied myself with my tick-repellent clothing and began the walk in.

Noticing several trees that had apparently been taken down by the last heavy wind and rain storm we had, I approached the clearing and the cry continued.  It was during the last few cries that I spotted it...about 100 yards away...looking so regal.

Did I tell you that in my last email to Kate, she told me I was a "good steward"? 

 Well, after she said that, I, too, have been sitting tall!


  1. What a beauty...will it start hunting for itself soon?

  2. These are super pictures! He looks almost grown up now, I wonder how long until he is kicked out?

  3. that beak and those eyes make it a very regal looking baby!

  4. You are a good steward for the earth and the creatures.
    Nice photo of the youngster.

  5. and you should be sitting tall and proud. You've done well.
    This is a great shot too.

  6. Wow, gorgeous shots of the juvie eagle.. Awesome! Have a great evening.


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