Sunday, August 17, 2014

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Always find a quiet cove when kayaking on a windy day!
Did you know that even a lake can have waves?
Did I tell you I get seasick from waves?


  1. i'm laughing, but that would so be me!

  2. Oh no, sorry you got sick..lovely reflections! Happy Sunday!

  3. This photo would make a lovely painting.

  4. I can't fly, float or ride in the back seat of a car.. i get really sick...

  5. Thankfully I have not gotten seasick in the kayak! ... where in CT have you enjoyed kayaking? We're looking for new places to explore.

  6. oh no, I hope the seasickness wasn't too bad.
    Pretty picture. That reflection looks like a painting

  7. nice place to sit and reflect.

  8. Beautiful spot. This will look wonderful when autumn puts on her wardrobe. You will have to snap a picture to get the seasonal reflection in the water.

    Oh YES I know that waves can be large on a lake! This reminds me of our honeymoon when DH had this idea of us taking a canoe out on the water. First off, I'm terrified of deep water. Second, there were motorboats on the lake that day creating more than ripples, lets just say. I panicked to say the least and begged to go back to shore. He laughed hysterically at me. It's a wonder we survived the row back and our marriage. lol But, that was 35 years ago and I couldn't be happier. :D It's nice to meet you through Weekend Reflections. I didn't get to join the linky party, so I'm just visiting those who did.

    Hope you'll hop over to see my Weekend #photo contributions!

  9. Gorgeous photo! Love the clarity of the reflections in the water. Looks like a very pleasant place to paddle around.


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