Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hungry Games

It was while the Pres was in the kitchen working on supper and I had just finished folding laundry downstairs when I heard Moon. She, as usual, let out one bark...a signal woof, which usually means I'm hungry. Yet, a few seconds later another woof.

Something was wrong. It wasn't a constant vocal alert but rather, "Mom, get out here now!"

Going to the kitchen window over the sink where the Pres was to see what she wanted, I spotted it immediately. I couldn't make out what it was because I wasn't wearing my glasses. All I could tell was that it was big.

Scrambling to get the camera and muttering "Where did I put my glasses?", I headed back toward the window.

Although I've seen this big boy before, he generally hangs out a little farther down the gravel road. Handsome though, isn't he?

Our feeders seem to pick up activity early in the morning and then again around supper time.

Have you ever noticed when your feeders are the busiest?

Apparently it was supper time for us.


  1. me thinks he had his eye upon your bird buffet which is his bird buffet. he is a big one

  2. handsome but deadly

  3. Good thing he didn't fly off and that you had time to get your camera. I generally miss the birds in my yard!


  4. Yeah, that's great that he was sill there when you returned with your camera. Great pic... :)

  5. Oh, he's handsome. We have a Cooper's hawk who lives in our neighborhood. I always know when he's around because the birds ALL disappear!
    Cheryl Ann

  6. I'm glad he wasn't scared off by the 'woof'!

    Thanks for visiting.

    and a belated happy anniversary

  7. The Hawks always know the best places to catch a snack!

  8. He is a hawk, very impressive! Do you know what kind?

  9. Any hawk is an impressive sight.. It was nice of Moon to give you a warning and warn the little birds too. Great post and photo. Thank you for linking up, enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  10. Great shot of the hawk ~ for CC and SC ~ thanks, ^_^

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  11. Indeed he is - very handsome. Have a happy Sunday.

  12. Always great to see a bird of prey - especially if it's in your garden!

    Sorry for slow reply - very hectic month!

    Stewart M

  13. great photo opportunity and glad you found your glasses in time too :)

  14. Great capture and good to have an early warning system in the house.. Michelle


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