Friday, July 18, 2014

Action IS...

Picking Mia up from school knowing she had only one more day of school.

Heading to a park and having fun...:)

Walking on the "balance beam," as if she were in gymnastics, saying, "Nana, I don't need to hold on."

"Nana, can you help me across the monkey bars?"

We did this about fifteen times because why??????

My arms felt like they were going to fall off!
"I am the Queen and you are standing in my kingdom," she said.

Dancing in the foyer while waiting for our dinner order at Italian restaurant to Frank Sinatra. ( I told her we needed to practice for the wedding she's in next year.)

Bringing our order home as a surprise to her parents only to find out the waitress didn't include everything. "Oh, Mia, guess what? The waitress forgot our "sides!" (Can you tell that I waitressed once upon a time?)

Mia, looking at me, "Nana, what are sides?"

"Sides are our garlic mashed potatoes and pasta.

"Listening to Mia say, " Nana, you call them right now and tell them to bring our sides to our house before Mommy and Daddy get home please.  I really really like pasta!"  

"Mia, that is a good idea."

Then, the best one of all...

Dashing toward the bathroom she said, "Nana, I want to surprise them too, so I am going to wash my face, take my pony tail out, brush my hair, brush my teeth and put my pajamas on right now!" 

Coming out of the bathroom, she told me with the most serious face ever, "I washed my feet too...because they were a little stinky when I took off my socks."  LOL...and still chuckling over that one...:)

Surprising my son and his wife with a nice Italian dinner and a little girl all ready for bed after a hard days work.

Heading for home...


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  1. What a lovely day with your granddaughter..She is so sweet.. Love the photos. Happy Friday!

  2. What a great way to end a working are as VERY considerate grandma.

  3. i am smiling to.. and all that fun is so healthy and good for her ...

  4. What fun the two of you had and she says the cutest things


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