Thursday, June 26, 2014

One Should Never

drive their Wrangler without the side and back windows zippered in place when the weather forecast is calling for rain...

especially if there's a kayak hanging out the back...

tipped downward...


one can incur...

minor flooding...

of the front passenger seat...LOL!!!

And, my friends,  that was the surprise I had waiting for me after I finished my workout Friday morning.

FYI: The grooves on the underside of the kayak make great downspouts.
And a few super shammies later, all was good.

Please notice the side windows are in NOW!

The front seat is NOW covered with a waterproof cover!!

NOW, what have you done lately that was just plain dumb?


  1. There isn't enough room on blogger for all the dumb things I've done and would rather forget about lol.

  2. 1st question - have you ever owned a Jeep before? that is the most important question?

    if not ... you will never understand. as they say it is a "Jeep thing", a totally different way of life. they take it very seriously. i get your thoughts though? but they really don't get your idea of it. they are strong ladies & men. i had one for several years. i will never own another. most unsafe in my humble opinion. they are not tough & i ended up in the ditch & was pulled out by a pick up truck. & no i was not driving like a silly person either. it was snowing & i was out for my mail route. not cool at all.

    but i know some that feel it is the best & will never compare to anything more. hope that makes sense. ( :

  3. Oops! I guess you forgot that the boat goes IN the water, not the water IN the car! ;-)

  4. Hee hee.... What a way to transport items that are almost longer than the vehicle itself... LOL

  5. so you locked the barn door after the horse got out??? oh my... looks like you have it under control now though.. got the old hindsight 20/20 going... i do incredible dumb things daily but right now can not remember a one of them. isn't that dumb?

  6. Oops. Good thing it was only water. I do all kinds of dumb things, too many too pick just one :)


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