Monday, June 16, 2014

Expensive Energizing

Birds and branches belong together so the Pres and I take care of both.  We are tree huggers.  Did you know that once you take down a tree , it's gone?  Do you KNOW how much water a tree drinks in a day?

Water & Forests  

Tree Facts

Recently we had an estimate for solar panels.
  The cost was rather pricey.
In addition, 
we would have had to cut down a lot of trees!

  Seriously?  Case thanks.

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  1. Quite the power or clean air. Maybe look into a wind generator?

  2. There is also the amount of carbon dioxide that trees take out of the air and replace it with oxygen.
    Trees to me are one of mother nature's gifts to mankind and we should treat them well when we can. I know many have to be cut down for many purposes but they should be replaced to keep the air pure and clean when possible.
    We don't have solar panels (can't afford them anyway) but we have had a solar hot water system since 1975 that is still working well and saving so much electricity.

  3. i hurt when trees are taken down, too.

  4. Way to GO, I totally agree! I have huge glossy book with all the amazing trees in my state, and I am trying to go see each one.

  5. tree hugger me would have done the same thing. we need more trees not less.. i do believe all the trees taken down have effected our environment in a negative way.

  6. Trees are wonderful things. Want to get my dander up?? Cut down a tree unnecessarily. I'm a tree hugger, too, you see. Been called that in public places where I had the audacity to object to trees being cut to put up high rises. Guess what? There are no high rises in that spot.

  7. I do not like to see or hear of trees being taken or cut down. Unless its dangerous.
    I agree with you JP.
    no cutting the trees.
    can you not have the solar panels on your roof..
    here they do that a lot. depending on what you have.. some people get money back from the electric department for selling them energy from your solar panels..
    indeed very expensive.
    happy Monday Val xx

  8. Trees for solar what a choice. No thanks id right. Hug B

  9. Good choice. I don't like to see trees taken down either. I was sad when they had to cut the pear down in our back yard to put in the drainage system. It was a pain dropping all those pears every year that were not worth eating but I still liked having it there

  10. Hubby and I are tree huggers.. I wish the price of solar panels would come down..:(

    Have a great evening and week ahead!

  11. I feel the same way about trees. My heart hurts when I see a big tree being taken down. Big trees surround my property. I do need a good tree trimmer to come in and prune out the dead stuff though because these trees are big and TALL!

  12. Sweet little birds! I hate to see a tree cut down. I have been known to try to talk the neighbours out of cutting down a tree.

  13. You need a permit to cut down a tree where I live. The shire council thinks long and hard before granted permission.
    Winter birds must be special to you
    Take care

  14. Thank you for being a tree huger... Love the birds photos.... Michelle


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