Thursday, May 22, 2014

Things That Move

When we were preparing for our cookout, we worked as a team.  We've always worked well as a team...the Pres and I. So I had this idea.  Did I ever tell you I like things that move...that are functional?  Well, I do.   

Remember I told you about the stepping stones he recessed off the patio?  Well, that's not all.  I had mentioned to him that I needed a shelf of some sort on the deck with the screening.  

Low and behold.
My guy can build anything!!!

Check this out...


Step one~Open supports (attached with hinges)

Step two~Turn latch to release pine board

Step three~put to good use...:)

We'll slap some urethane on it and it will be all set...:)

Sharing results of teamwork with you and those at

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How are your teamwork skills?


  1. The Pres is very clever indeed. Genius. Hug B

  2. Wow, he is very clever, this is just perfect!

  3. Excellent, wonderful idea. Wish I had an handy man like that. Want to loan the Pres out for awhile.

  4. what a neat idea and quite useful

  5. Well how handy is the Pres.. gotta love a handy DH :O)

  6. You, you are right, JP you do work well as a have the idea and Joe has the know-how, a great combo and a very handy shelf.

  7. It's looking good!

  8. Excellence! You always come up with great projects.

  9. Oh well done... My hubby always says that we are a team


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