Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mother's Day Adventure

Leaving right on time, the Pres and I climbed in the old red and black Dodge.  Cranking the diesel engine, we cracked open our windows almost simultaneously to let in the fresh air before he asked me to set the GPS for our destination.  It was Mother's Day and we were on our way to Rhode Island

Heading to Misquamicut State Beach in Westerly, RI to meet my daughter and Angel for the Spring Fest, we'd agreed to meet them right before the gates opened.

Throughout the fairgrounds, there were all sorts of tempting foods for us to decide on...burgers, sausage and peppers, steak and onion grinders, sweet potato fries, onion rings, pizza, fried dough, funnel cakes, warm apple crisp and apple filled pastry topped with vanilla ice cream to name a few.  Many of those listed filled our tummies as we walked and sat around the fairgrounds.

Climb a Rock Wall?

The weather Sunday was just glorious...sunny and the low 70's which made taking in all the activities even better.

Then she hit me with the news.

"Mom, it's Mother's Day today and for your adventure, we've decided on something all four of us are going to do."

You see, all my life I've tried to show my kids that each day can hold an's all in how you look at it...:)

Learn Karate?

Slide Down the Truck Chute?

Slide Down an Alpine Slope?

Ride in an Antique Car?
Nope.  None of those.  

"Today, Mom, you are going to ride the ferris wheel!"

"Babe, you know how Mommy feels about heights," I answered emphatically.

"It will be fine, Mom.  We're all going.  All four of us will sit in the same bucket."

My stomach was already in knots as we got closer and she handed the attendant the tickets.  Five tickets per person is not worth risking my life, I thought but remained quiet.  (Seriously I am such a chicken when it comes to heights that a six foot ladder makes me break out into a sweat!!)

Gulping as we walked up the ramp, I tried to remain focused.  I could do this, I repeated over and over to myself.  Stay calm, stay'll be just fine, I heard my mind say as I inhaled deeply.  Then, it all happened so fast, as the attendant reached out to help me climb up and over into the bucket.  We were in. Sitting next to me the Pres placed his arm around my shoulders, making me feel a little safer I'll admit, while Jennifer and Angel sat across from us smiling.

Holy moose-poops I was nervous!!  Grasping the handlebar tightly I could feel the bones in my knuckles against the metal handle.  Aside from telling everyone that they were not allowed to move from the neck down, I really wasn't doing bad until the Pres said,"I wonder if all those bolts are welded right" peering over the edge.  Honey, are you kidding me!?!?  Of course, his leaning made the bucket swing to and fro and the three of them laughed while I hung on for dear life until I saw...

the fence on the beach down below...:) and grabbed my camera again!

Are you afraid of heights?

Sharing my fear with you and those at


  1. I am terrified of heights, water and fire.

  2. Yes I am! And I won't go on a ferris wheel because of it even if the view is fantastic. You were very brave JP and had the same feelings and emotions that I do when on one. I have the same feelings for gondolas and chairlifts but have conquered them though!

  3. Kudos to you for going on this ride, JP, but I would have declined. While I have gone up inside tall buildings and have flown as well, I avoid fair attractions of any sort.

  4. Yes, I am afraid of heights but I see the Ferris wheel as one of the more doable adventures you showed. Just think, now you can cross riding a ridiculously high Ferris wheel off your bucket list! LOL

  5. I try not to go higher than a step ladder (2nd rung)! I fall walking on flat ground and have the scars on my nose and chin to prove it! So no ferris wheels for me, but glad you got good shots. By the way, Angel did not look so pleased in that one shot. But he is a cutie ;) Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  6. having the buckets open is a bit concerning. when my sis and i rode the texas star at the state fair of tx last fall, we rode in 'bird cages' to keep folks inside. :)

    (don't forget to link in!)

  7. Yaaayyyy, glad you made the ride. Great pic from that height.

  8. Some heights bother me and others don't. I love a ferris wheel.
    Congrats on your mother's day accomplishment

  9. Terrified of heights, but what a view

  10. Sometimes I sure am! Great fun you had! Beautiful photos.

  11. HI You were brave when you are afraid of heights although I had to laugh, not enough afraid to stop taking photographs!!!Most people who are afraid just close their eyes and scream!!! The only thing I do not like in a fair ground is the big dipper!Anyway, you managed some good fences.

  12. So glad you went for the ride. I enjoyed the photos from up above. The beach looks nice.. Your daughter is pretty. Good for YOU!
    Have a happy weekend!

  13. Oh I feel for you because yes I am afraid of heights. However the Ferris Wheel is a favorite ride for me. Once I'm up in the air and snapping photos I forget about how high up I am. Great shot of the beach and the fence.

  14. Well, that looks like scary fun!

  15. I'm scared of heights too, but strangely enough, I can handle them on things like ferris wheels where i am enclosed. Then I love taking in the scenery.


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