Friday, May 16, 2014

Almost Ready

Honey, what are we going to do? Our beautiful patio is surrounded by dirt. There's no way for people to get on or off without walking through it. The cookout is this weekend and although you planted seed, grass will not be here in 7 days. 

 Can we cover it with hay so people don't slip and fall? It's going to pour tonight and not end until Saturday morning!!!

We've been planting annuals that we picked up this week to make the yard look prettier.  The Pres cut the grass, cleaned up the our tables and chairs and put the wicker dining set out.  Most of the desserts are made.  The chicken and ribs are marinating and of course, we've got the list for today and tomorrow, but we are ready...
except for the MUD!

So, being the resourceful guy that he is the Pres solved our dilemma.  He added a few paving stones as stepping stones, recessing them to avoid trip hazards! 

Look what happened when I snapped a pic through the window and screen.
Neat, right?

Doesn't it look as if there's a fire in the chimnea?

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  1. perfectly place reflection! :) good luck with the mud!

  2. Until you actually said something, I thought there really WAS a fire! He got a brilliant simple, yet I did not think of it!

  3. I thought you had already tried out the little fireplace thingy and were showing how it looked. Then I noticed the reflection. Nice touch! Good luck with the mud! Still wish I could drop in for a bite. Don't forget to make photos to share. ;) Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  4. I am waiting for the Mr to get me a chimenea.

  5. Aw the mud will soon dry up. I like your pic with the reflection . The screen look like a texture effect. pretty. have a good weekend.

  6. The stones look wonderful...what a guy you have. May I pass on a suggestion...more for later than now as you definitely do not need another thing to do to your list! I reseeded some bare spots a few weeks ago and used a new product called E~Z Seed by Scotts. They have it at Home Depot. It is grass seed mixed with a dark brown, very fine mulch. The mulch holds something like 5X the moisture so you can water less frequently. Also, the mulch makes it better if you have to walk on it occasionally. I noticed less birds scouting for seed as well. It's a little on the expensive side but I found it well worth it to fill in spots on the lawn I started from scratch last year that needed a little help.

    Sorry for the loooong post. I think you may just like this! And I wish you a lovely time with your dinner guests.


  7. Clever man, I'd keep him and yes that reflection does give the impression that the fire is indeed outside.

  8. I did actually think there was a fire in there at first. Talk about a perfect angle. That's really cool

  9. That is a neat reflection and I did notice it first thing.

  10. It really does look like there is a fire in your outside pot. I am not sure what they are called.

  11. Rained for us as well and luckily our plans included getting out of town. Hope your Party went off well, JP.


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