Saturday, April 19, 2014

Wild...Just Plain Wild

Not far from our resort and on the way to the beach, there is an area I discovered that borders the bird sanctuary. Wondering if I could get any decent pix, I wandered a little closer because I had seen a Snow Egret as well as the Red Throated Heron over the past few days.

Did I just see a FIN?  Holy moose-poops!!  It is a fin!!
Hmmmm...what is that swimming in the water???

Oh, crap!!  There's another one farther out!!

And there's another one. 
 Hmmmm...perhaps that is why I am not seeing any birds!!!

I was later told by a long time Aruban resident that tarpon live in this brackish water and get quite large (60-200 lbs or more!!!). Tarpon survive in this type of water which has less saline than the sea but more than fresh water and sometimes...

they get hungry if there is insufficient food for them!!!

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  1. They have such a cool variety of wildlife there!

  2. Whoa ~ if I were a bird I would hide from that Tarpon too !

  3. this quiet place fits in your quiet corner perfectly... glad it was a tarpon

  4. Yikes....I can hear the 'Jaws' music playing in my head.

  5. Yikes! Creepy for sure! I need to look that fish up and see what they look like. ALL of them.

  6. Sure glad you are sharing your vacation photos and stories even after you are back home "at work." Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  7. If I were a bird, I would not be in the water either.. Cool sighting! Thank you for linking up with Saturday's Critters.. Enjoy your weekend and Happy Easter!

  8. I could feel your excitement! As TexWis said, very cool :)

  9. That looks like the nicest place.
    I hope your Easter tomorrow will be a blessed one.

  10. In my mind I was hearing the theme song from Jaws.

  11. Wise birds to keep away. Not sure I'd want to be in that water with any creature having fins of that size!!

  12. Mystery solved, and I guess wading was out of the question? :-)

  13. HI Wonderful photos. Hope you had a great Easter.


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