Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Love the Earth

Yesterday was Earth Day.

Knowing that far too many birds and animals die from litter tossed along the roads, I decided to head out and do my share to pick up after the litterbugs.
I do NOT like litterbugs!

Reminding the Pres on Monday evening to make me a trash picker upper, I watched as he transformed an old broom handle into the perfect tool. It was plenty long so I could reach deep into the roadside Barberry to pluck out the things cast out the litterbug's  car windows. All was going along well.

However, after doing the right side of the road and now heading back in the direction of our gravel road, the bags had grown heavy. I soon found myself dragging the huge dark green trash bags through the sand and weeds that line the road.

Then a southbound car slowed to a stop.

Rolling down her power window on the shiny black two door rather sporty looking car, I couldn't help but notice how she was dressed. Hair meticulously combed and styled, make-up in all the right places on her face and with lipstick that matched the redish sweater she was wearing, she said, "Excuse me, are you looking for returnables?"

Apparently she thought I was a waif...a indigent.

Dressed in my work boots, canvas camel work pants and a lightweight black, long sleeved half zip top, I turned to face her. Bracing the overstuffed green trash bag against my right leg, I smiled and calmly responded,

"No ma'am, I am not looking for returnables. I am picking up garbage along the road...garbage that people throw out of their cars. Today is Earth Day. If you'd like to join me, feel free to pitch in and pick up any trash you see. I would appreciate the help."

Pulling back like a turtle in it's shell, clearly she was not happy with my response...I could tell by the look on her face. 

 She became abrupt and appeared to be insulted, displaying a much less kind demeanor..."Oh...oh, goodness no" before powering up her window and driving off.

Last night as I got ready for Tai Chi, I thought about what I learned on Earth Day:

Some people are workers and others are not.

People make a lot bigger mess here on earth than the animal life we share the planet with.

Next time, bring more bags.

And, regardless of what people think,
never...never stop loving the Earth!

How did you enjoy Earth Day yesterday?

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  1. oh, i am laughing at her recoil. i can see it, sadly, in my mind. :)

  2. i hear that. our property is lower than a lot of our neighbors so we get all their (s***) to be nice i will call it, all their junky litter. it is oh so fun to constantly clean up their junk. kind of gets on my nervous. we always have to look out for doggie bombs too .. walking to the mailbox ...

    i wonder what happened to all the kind & perfect neighbors? where did they go? wonder where we should move? i better start looking? ( :

  3. you may have shocked her to the core... would have loved a shot of her face.... i did nothing specail for earth day, but we do ever single day recycle everything we can and pick up trash out of our front yard that people throw out when driving by. some of them like to break beer bottles on our drive way... once they kindly sat the whole 6 pack of bottles in their carry case at the end of our driveway. at least no glass was broken...

  4. Every single day is Earth Day to me. We recycle, reuse, re-everything. And luckily live so far out that we rarely have to pick up anyone else's trash. Save the Earth! Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  5. She's probably one of the people who have contributed to the litter that you were picking up :)I like your response to her

  6. The earth is a better place because of people like you who care. Thank you.

  7. She was clearly ready to toss some bottles and cans your direction...not wanting them to mess up her lovely little car. There is SO much garbage blowing around this spring.

  8. I love your titmouse and bluebird! What a discouraging story! It sounds like something from a movie!

  9. Good for you telling it like it was. People are so into themselves and their little worlds, aren't they? And what a great way to celebrate Earth Day. I am supposed to join our CERT team on Saturday to pick up trash in the canyon. But they said snow to 4,500 feet on Saturday, so we'll see what happens.

  10. I can just imagine the look on her face! I think it is wonderful that you went out and picked up the trash! I didn't do anything special but my sons school had asked the kids to wear green to school so he wore green.

  11. Several years ago a gentleman here in Australia began Clean Up Australia Day and you'd be amazed at how many people volunteer to pick up litter and I think it has made people think a little more before leaving junk around.
    I am laughing at the response you got from that woman (I won't call her a lady). Silly cow!!!

  12. My dear hubby is always cleaning up the trash left behind in our neighborhood. Love the pretty Titmouse and Bluebird. Thanks for caring about the Earth!

  13. My husband is the trash picker upper on our street. Nobody has ever offered to help....

  14. I do the same thing every time I find trash while wandering along the Tellico river with my cameras, its amazing the things I find washed down river..:-)


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