Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Beginning

This afternoon at 12:57pm, Spring arrives. Like the deer, stand tall and erect. Inhale deeply, lengthening your spine. Turn your head slowly to take it all in.

Snow continues to melt, revealing buried treasures. Our forecast is the mid fifties for today. Regardless of the cool down forecast early next week, I feel it. This is "the beginning."

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  1. Spring is definitely in the air here as well! :)

  2. How fortunate to actually have seasons. We are still in summer in Perth (although it is officially autumn) with temps around 92ºF which is beyond a joke now. Our friends and relations in the other capital cities are enjoying cool weather....and RAIN. We in Perth have forgotten what rain is like as it's been well over 100 days since any rainfall has even hit the ground.
    Enjoy your spring and finding all those hidden delights.

  3. spring is springin, welcome spring...

  4. Spring is on the way. Because of it the snow is melting!

  5. can you believe they are calling for snow this coming TUESDAY!??! are you kidding me. they are saying it will be the biggest snowstorm yet of this season. i am like WHAT??? seriously. i feel like a broken record. it won't quit. nuts!! ( :

    what kind of treasures are you finding? a million dollars??! giggles.

  6. I'm hoping.... Looks like you have a little snow to melt - but getting there! :-)

  7. There were flurries in the air today but I'm still hopeful that it will start springing springtime any day now

  8. In the minus Celcius here and snowing on and off...the wind is wicked. Happy Spring.


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