Sunday, March 16, 2014

Presents Are Nice But

The Pres told me I had some mail and packages as soon as I walked in. Tired from the drive and not feeling all that well, I unbuttoned my coat and hung it up even before I went to the island in the kitchen to see what it was. There was a large envelope with a return address postmarked Georgia and a second smaller one with Amazon stamped on it. Hmmmm....

Opening the larger one first, I pulled out a pastel Weekly Perpetual Calendar. It was the gift I won from the February Valentine's giveaway that Chatty Crone recently held!

Thank you, Sandie...hugs & smiles, as always, my friend.
Now on to surprise number two.

Knowing that I received my most recent order from Amazon and not having ordered anything since, I wondered what the next envelope held. Tearing open the tab, I found this inside.

A beautiful winter scene card ...

which held an Amazon Gift Card...

a very generous Gift Card...

from my best friends...

for babysitting Bunny, their German Shorthaired Pointer

I decided right then and there...

I think...
presents are nice but
friends are the real gifts in life.

Don't you?


  1. yes i do agree and you were a true friend to go and stay with Bunny... if you can't find anything you want on Amazon, i will send you my mailing address...

  2. Yes, I agree and friends bearing or rather sending unexpected gifts are extra special too. I have also received similar surprises and it's always made my day as well, JP.

  3. In the first place, I hope you are feeling better. Secondly, you are a great friend for sitting with your friends' dog. Luckily our son takes our dog in when we are away. None of our friends or family like "house" dogs :( Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  4. Hope you are feeling better soon...those little surprises surely helped.

  5. totally agree with you there OM, all my friends are other places. other states or places. too busy to be with me. they have families to take care of. i miss my younger years when times were busy & i had folks to talk to. the hubby is very quiet & i find that when i do get with folks i have to remind myself to "shut up" or be quiet or whatever you wish to say there ... i just have so much quiet time that it really is hard to not just want to talk for so long. i guess that is why i love blogging ... i have much to say. but at times blogging is not enough ... i still feel i have so much to let out ... making friends is hard & not easy. what my mom always tells me - i need to go to church. what??! i think you can meet others - in other places but where??! i joined the gym to meet folks but they were all in the 70s. why i wonder if i am in the Twilight Zone. where are all the young people?? are they out there or what? did they go missing or what? have a nice sunday!! ( :

  6. Yes, I agree completely. You can't even put a price tag on a good friend

  7. Hey - I'll take the Amazon Gift Card! lol Everyone loved your heart. So do I?


  8. What lovely surprises....and yes, I agree!

  9. What a super day with lovely things in the post. I love exchanging gifts with my distant friends.

  10. Well I know from experience they couldn't have found a more loving pet sitter!

  11. How sweet to come home to some surprise gifts! That was a sweet looking pup. I'm sure you will find something really nice to get at Amazon.


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