Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Last Week

 On Tuesday, it was beautiful here.  Sunny, breezy and in the mid-fifties, I announced to the Pres I was spending the day outside,  There was still too much snow in the yard to "do" anything, but I knew the sun and wind would begin our melting process.  The plan was to kick back sit on the deck and just "listen" with Moon and Copper at my side.

not only did I listen...
 but I also watched...
for about six hours!

Hearing their cries and looking in that direction, I saw one of the adult eagles land in a tall pine on this side of the clearing (the side closer to us).  Their nest is on the opposite side of that clearing but I cannot see it from our yard.

Kate (from our Division of Wildlife) had told me that sometime the adult will sit and observe the nest from a distance.  I think that's what was going on that day.  But what I thought was one adult in the pine turned out to be the pair once I got the binoculars!!


About a half hour passed and one adult squawked, spreading it's massive wings and took flight, heading toward the river just like last year.  The second adult remained and while watching it through the binoculars, I saw it turn it's head toward the nest, then back to look in my direction!  Back and forth over and over.

I apologize that my pix are not the best.  I am a novice at picture taking and really have no clue when it comes to adjusting the settings on any kind of camera, so I leave the camera on "auto".  However, the Pres later explained to me that leaving it on "auto" causes it to focus on a closer object that may be between you and the subject.  Now I just have to read the User Guide and hope I can somewhat understand "manual focus."

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  1. looks like they were watching you as much as you were watching them..exciting times for you.

  2. just amazing you get to see these birds from your yard!

  3. I would have enjoyed being there with you to watch the eagle and her nest. There is something about bird watching that is so relaxing. Usually by the time I get the binoculars my subject has flown off! Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

  4. How exciting. It must be fascinating being able to observe them

  5. But J.P. what an experience for you. I bet you never thought you would be living next door to such a magnificent couple.

  6. Very exciting to get to see such birds! Happy ODW!

  7. Sitting outside on a warm day and watching the world and these magnificent birds is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. The Pres is right about the focus as it happens to me all the time with my point & shoot.

  8. Nice to see birds like this. No matter how many times your read the guide book, branches will always get in the way!!

    Good luck with the reading.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  9. Oh wow... What a treat..... Michelle from Nature Notes... Michelle

  10. How exciting! I am always so impressed at how big they are!!


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