Saturday, March 1, 2014

Is He Spoiled?

When I babysat for Bunny (my best friend's aging German Shorthaired Pointer) a while back, I noticed she had a new coat to wear outside. Admiring it while I was there and doing a little hunting on Amazon when I got back home, I decided to order one for my boy, Copper.   The company makes horse blankets and the product line is known as 

 Even though Winter is almost over, I figured he could use it next year.  Seeing it was on sale and using my earned points on one of my credit cards, it was really reasonable too.  

It came this week along with several of those darn polar vortex things dropping our temps to single digits at night and only in the 20's during the day.  And you know what?

Copper loves his new fleece lined, wind resistant, water resistant coat.  Made extremely well, it has a collar that can be worn up or down.  This version has what is called a belly flap ensuring that his chest will stay warm.  Of course, the chocolate brown with purple trim makes him the handsomest boy on the block!!

Do you think Copper is spoiled?

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  1. Of course....and so he should be.

  2. Aww, he looks cute in his warm coat.. I am a believer and spoil my dog.

    Thank you so much for linking up to Saturday's criters. Enjoy your weekend,

  3. I think he is lovely and warm :) lol

  4. He looks so cute in it. Spoiling your own dog isn't a problem at all.

  5. Love it! Flip would whip it off and bury it ;))) Linda

  6. copper looks happy and handsome and very warm

  7. Copper is a handsome fellow and wears that coat well.

  8. Copper is loved not spoiled ~ and looks very handsome and warm ~ Good Mom you are. ~ Happy Weekend to you ~

  9. He is well taken care and greatly loved. If that's spoiled, then so is my dog. He looks very handsome in his coat. Now, I'm going over to Amazon to get my little guy one!

  10. call it spoiled or well loved, either way he's mighty handsome in that new coat

  11. I think I need to look into them for my puppies for next year. They will probably be fairly small even at full size so they'll definitely need protection from the snow.

    Of course my Mom might decide to knit them sweaters. Because yeah, she definitely spoils her grandpuppies just as much as her granddaughter!

  12. He is not spoiled, he is well taken care of :)


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