Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Catching Fire

Loving the view at the end of the day....

Returning from the store the other day, the Pres pulled a DVD out of the bag. There it was...the sequel to The Hunger Games, Catching Fire. The Pres and I enjoy watching movies together, whether on DVD, Netflix or Cable.

It seemed appropriate that the view at the end of our day had the same name as the DVD we watched!!

Sure, it's cold again today...20's and the icy, snowy mix overnight doesn't help...but, I KNOW it's coming...Spring, that is! If everyone would simply take down their Christmas wreaths, swags, I'm sure Mother Nature would let Spring appear!!

You did take your Christmas decorations down, right????


  1. Wow - that's quite a sunset! I had to laugh about the Christmas decorations - I was out last weekend taking photos of all the wreaths, lights and even trees that are still decorated! Got to love Vermont! Hopefully Spring is on it's way in spite of all the decorations :-)

  2. We just bought that too.

    That photo was awesome.

  3. Such a wonderful view to behold!

  4. This is a beautiful shot...I miss things like this. here I am surrounded by building and in Michigan I have the woods!! Ugh!

    I love movies, but since I am hearing impaired I must watch them with closed caption. My time on the computer and reading books...sometimes watching/reading a movie at the end of the day is too much sometimes! lol!


  5. Beautiful sunset and well titled :)

  6. what a pretty sunset.
    I can't believe how many houses I've seen that still have Christmas stuff up

  7. Wonderful! Enjoy seeing the DVD!

  8. beautiful fire in the trees.. and we watch a movie or DVR series every night together. we do have a couple of things we don't both like, so we watch them in the daytime. i just told bob Thursday am is my Rizolli and isles time and he can't go to the park because of weather, so far he has not released the remote.

  9. Fantastic photo of a beautiful sunset ~ especially since it is snowing again in MA ~ snuggle in with another dvd ~ xxx

    artmusedog and carol


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