Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Big Hit

Kree turned eight this month and although her real birthday was earlier in the month, her Mom and Dad had her party this past weekend.

Kree loves....and I mean loves...ice cream cake, which her Mom had bought for her party.  

Kree she does not like "cake."  In fact, when she was younger, she referred to "cake" as "bread cake," always making a face and turning up her nose at it!!

I wondered what I could come up with and finally thought about making her a giant Chocolate Chip Cookie.  She loves those, I thought.

She and her friends devoured the thing.  Some scraped off the chocolate frosting from the edge or just pushed it onto an adjacent piece.  One little boy kept coming back in the dining room to scoop up the excess frosting onto his plate...LOL!  

Nothing was left!!  Even the Pres, who doesn't care for chocolate had some.  It was a bigger hit than the ice cream cake...:)

Gosh, I love it when goodies you give people are a big hit, don't you?


  1. Oh now that is what I would love too:) Hug B

  2. Looks wonderful and nice to see it before the giant cookie was all gone. Knowing your baking skills, JP, we can almost taste that treat!

  3. Hello JP.
    I sure would have loved to have joined in.
    A big chocolate chip cookie cake..wow..
    how about a blog with the recipe.. it looks so delicious.
    I am glad Kree and her friends enjoyed it.. kids love that stuff.
    Thank you for leaving your comment over at my blog.. xxx val

  4. Kree is a lot like me only add a lot of years. i prefer cookies over cake.. and that big cookie looks grrreat.

  5. Who wouldn't love a giant chocolate chip cookie! Good Grammy! xo

  6. The BIG COOKIE....and chocolate chip to boot. You must be the most popular person at every birthday party you are inivited to.

  7. that's awesome. glad they loved it!

  8. Now that looks really really good! So glad to hear it was a big hit ... :-D

    diane @ thoughts and shots

  9. Me too, and what a great idea! Did you just use the toll house recipe and put the whole batch of dough in a baking dish? Love the idea!

  10. totally agree with you there OM, i love cooking for folks when they love my meals or desserts. i love cake but usually i don't love the icing. because it is too sweet. what a great idea to cook a cookie - that sounds like fun. great idea!! ( :

  11. cake, cookies, it's all good to me and this one I could eat the whole thing and say I only had one cookie :)

  12. So where is the recipe? Looks great. Happy Birthday!

  13. Yes, a success always feels good. My youngest never wanted a birthday cake. He doesn't like sweets, so we started getting pizza pie instead.

  14. Happy Birthday to her.. What a great substitute for cake


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