Friday, February 21, 2014

Random 5 Friday

After staying in because of the recent storms, I am looking forward to getting out today.  Ahhh...civilization!  I can't wait...:)

A SWEET Potato

 Our gravel road is beginning to melt.  I think I can use the Mini Cooper like a bobsled to make it to the end like they're doing in Sochi.  LOL! 

 Hmmm, I wonder if I'll make it back UP the hill, especially since the Pres had to use 4 wheel drive to make it up.  Should I revisit my first thought?...:(

My Sister went for blood work Wednesday and today she has her CT Scan then an appointment with her Oncologist.  She doubts that her doctor will have the results since her appointment is immediately following the scan.  Next week, she returns to the Cancer Research Institute in Alabama to meet with her surgeon.  She is feeling good and has increasing strength and energy so we continue to be very hopeful!!

There are redeeming factors to being stuck inside.  I seem to focus on all the creatures outside.  And take photos...lots and lots of photos.  Watching this red-tail hawk sit in that tree for over three hours when the storm began Tuesday, I snapped away.  
Winter will be over soon.  So for those of you who are really down in the dumps, remember...
YOU could be on the outside looking in!


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Random 5 Friday

Can you see the deer tugging at the cedar through our lesser of the two storms?


  1. Very good advice to the 'winter grumpies' among us. I remain eternally grateful that I have a warm place to get out of the winter.

  2. Oh Hugs and happy thoughts for your sister.
    That is one "sweet" potato:)
    Oh looking in instead of out sounds wonderful. Hug B

  3. your potato looks like a stomach. :)

  4. i missed the deer, glad you mentioned him. you might want to have second thoughts of going out in all that snow

  5. That poor hawk looks cold.
    I'm glad your sister is staying strong.

  6. You are taking full advantage of all that this lingering winter, has to offer, in the way of photos! Good for you!

    And your photos are beautiful.

    Best of luck to your sister!!!!!!!

  7. Love your perspective...regarding the weather AND your photos! Best wishes for your sister!!

  8. Hugs for your sister. And have patience. That road will be thawed before you know it. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  9. Glad to be inside looking out. Looking forward to your spring photos.

  10. Wishing wellness for your sister.
    I focus on the wildlife and the animals when I need a better perspective too.
    Loved seeing that deer.

  11. Sometimes, I AM on the outside looking in! I love that Peep of a sweet potato! Good Luck to your sis - I hope there is good news to share.

  12. A bird shaped sweet potato, isn't that tweet :)

  13. I tried to like sweet potatoes, but alas, could not. :(


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