Monday, February 10, 2014

Mosaic Monday

Where did January go?

Did it zoom by for you too?

February means RED, right?

Have you bought your Valentine's card for those you love?

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  1. You mean January has gone? Oh gosh, so it has!!! This year seems to be rushing by faster than the last at at my age I need time to slow down or even stop occasionally.
    Love those red birds but have no idea what they are. They are very beautiful. I have of birds called 'cardinals' and was wondering if that is what they are.

  2. I REALLY need to get out and buy a Valentine Card for hubby considering that we have what is supposed to be a VERY big snowstorm to arrive on the 12th.

  3. love that cardinal red

  4. love your bird photo.
    beautiful cardinal.

    argh..why does time go by so fast? i wonder..

    hope you have a lovely week ahead~

  5. red is love and red is cheery and i love this cheery red bird...

  6. Ohhhhhhhhh! Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!

    Thank you for a beautiful Red mosaic. The best Red. A Cardinal. :-)

  7. What a beauty he is and perfect for February! :)

  8. What a gorgeous red cardinal montage of photos ~ thanks for visiting ~ ^_^

    carol and artmusedog

  9. Pretty cardinal. I love their bright red color. Still haven't bought a Valentine for my husband yet. Guess I better get that done

  10. I love these shots of the vivid red male cardinals.

  11. Gorgeous red bird - brightens up your snowy days I'm sure.
    Haven't made one card yet but when I get home from work tomorrow night I'll make a start.
    January gone and almost halfway through Feb already... scarey.

  12. they'd be amazing to see - that brilliant red and snowy backdrops

  13. These birds really add such a much needed bit of colour in the winter!

  14. I almost missed this pretty Cardinal post. They are beautiful. Lovely mosaic!

  15. Oh pretty cardinals... One of my favorite birds... Thank you for linking into Nature Notes.... Michelle


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