Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Listen, Watch and Wait

Although this photo was taken in 2013, I am anxious for all this cold, snowy weather to end so they can settle down and mate.

Occasionally we can hear them chatting deep in the woods. In looking back through my photos, I discovered that I snapped a picture of an adult over the yard in the Spring of 2012.  Makes me wonder...

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  1. spring is on the way, hope it is soon for you and you don't have to wait long

  2. Winter seems to drag out longer each year doesn't it? I'm sure it has nothing to do with us getting older. :-)
    I hope when the weather warms up that you find a nest with babies to photograph.
    I had an aha moment about the moonlight photo JP and looked at the info for the shot.
    The f-stop was 5.6 with an ISO of 400 - hope this helps.

  3. They'll get busy soon (no pun intended) and then you will be out there snapping photos and watching for babies. Oh man....I can't wait for warmer weather.

  4. I imagine they know it's too cold to start a family just yet. :)

  5. just great you have them so close.

  6. I am watching an eagle cam at Berry college where the kids went - aren't they magnificent?

  7. That first one is awesome. Won't be long before spring is here.

  8. Wow, awesome shot of the Eagle..I love the first photo!

  9. They'll cope. Nature seems to cope with 'natural things'. It's only man-made hazards they have trouble with.


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