Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I know it's not the best picture, yet I am thrilled that I finally got the Moon!!!

Please be as happy as I am about this pic!

Now, for all you real photographers out there...

Can anybody tell me why there are hints of blue and purple?
Is that from the light of the Moon, refracting off the branches?
Why blues and purples?

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  1. I love that photographs and regardless of what caused those colours they really enhance the whole picture.
    Hopefully some expert may be able to say why those colours appeared. Would be interesting to hear the reason.
    Thank you for sharing a lovely piece of camera work.

  2. I don't know why the colors - but I do know I love the photo - the moon peeking through the branches is so pretty!

  3. i keep trying to take a moon shot. but i get a black mess. my Dad says it is about the flash. so i keep trying. i am glad you got a purdy view. you go, OM!! ( :

  4. Beautiful shot! You know I'm not a 'real' photographer, so I can't help there!

  5. I love it! I never get the moon...or I get it and it looks nothing like it does in 'real life.' But this one is nice- it has an air of mystery to it!

  6. since i am not a real photographer i don't know the answer.... i think it has something to do with low light but that is just a guess... i have never gotten a photo of the moon... i love the trees against the sky

  7. That is a GREAT picture. It could be used for the cover of a paranormal thiller.

  8. Lovely... Lovely... Lovely... I am super excited for you! Because I know, know, know how hard it can be, to "capture" the Lady Moon.

    What are the hints of blue and purple? Why, they are the Night Faeries, my Dear. Spreading their happy magic... To help you capture a lovely photo of The Lady Moon!

    Come now? You didn't really have to ask, did you?


    Lover of all things magical and Luna and The Fey...

  9. no idea - but i'm not a real photographer, either! :)

  10. I cannot photograph the moon well enough to save my life. Congratulations on your moon shot! It's pretty!!

  11. I'm just a pretend photographer so I can't tell you about the colors but I'm sure that light plays a big part of it.
    I always enjoy a picture of the moon and for all my attempts I never end up with very good shots. I like this one

  12. That is a GREAT picture and I love Tessa's explanation for the colors! :)

  13. Yes, JP, we are happy for you and your moon shot capture which I am not good at lens is never long enough! Not sure about the colors you mentioned.

  14. I think you're a real photographer. I've always admired your photography skills. You're right up there with the best of them.

  15. The moon is always difficult to see even here with clear skies, but most especially through those very cold environment you got there. That is a lovely photo, and it can be used for a horror film to, hahaha! About your question, i don't know!

  16. I think it's a lovely picture, very atmospheric! I've not had much luck with decent moon photos.



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