Saturday, February 15, 2014

Feeling Flaky

Could it be true?  Is Winter ever going to end?

  Well, until I know for certain, I am not removing the falling snow function from my blog...not until I'm sure.  

And why is it that I simply cannot get enough pix of "the snow"?

  We got close to ten inches last week followed by a thick layer of ice...
 then another 10 inches Wednesday night into Thursday morning...
topped off by another six inches tonight (it's SNOWING as I type) 
and more coming Tuesday night!!!

  ENOUGH...already...ENOUGH, I say!

Even the old snowman fell over from sheer exhaustion!

So who else out there wants this snow to move on?
Who else wants all this snow to go to the North Pole?

Weekly Top Shot


  1. the snow man tells it all, even he is saying ENOUGH.. you take snow shots for the same reason i take hibiscus shots, it is what is outside our door

  2. The bush shots are gorgeous.

  3. the warm-up has hit here so i'm sure it'll be coming that way soon!

  4. We had some snowfall last Saturday night into Sunday, church was cancelled but by Monday the rain washed it all away.. sigh...

  5. That is getting to be waaayyy too much snow! The picture with the snow on the sides of the tree trunks is pretty though. :)

  6. You've got to admit it's pretty to look at. It must seem like the endless winter, but spring is right around the corner...honest.

  7. I do remember while growing up in NJ we did have snow one Easter, but it was an early Easter that year. Maybe you don't want to know right now about a white Easter, so I better leave.

  8. It is snowing again as I write this ~ lovely wintry photos but really ready for Spring ~ thanks,

    artmusedog and carol

  9. I think most of us are ready for spring.

    We have had almost a week of nice weather. For the upper corner of South Dakota that's 30* with no wind. It's almost a heatwave.

  10. Poor little exhausted snow man. It is snowing here again, all day yesterday and today. It is a bit like living in a snow globe… but that is not unusual for NH. Really I cannot complain, we've had a relatively mild winter for us compared to folks in other places.

  11. uh oh, some one said "enough is is a-enough... so i hope you got your wish??! we will see? i enjoyed the snowy views. nice ones, OM. ( :

  12. I don't care where the snow goes just so long as it does GO. I'm sick of it

  13. Your snowman made me laugh. We are still 10 inches behind. I know hard to believe.

  14. Snow can be a nuisance and dangerous but there is so much beauty there as well so of course you would want to photograph it.
    If you no longer want your snow you could perhaps transport some to us in Perth where we are in for yet another very hot week. Our summer has been going on and on and on unrelentingly. Just so over it.
    Hope it warms up for you soon.


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