Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Best of Plans

Thanks to a new fuel filter and temperatures in the 50's, the Pres was able to get his truck started and up the hill to his spot here in the yard.  Thank goodness the Pres is a good mechanic too!!  He said the fuel filter was really, really dirty and still thinks that something in the line was frozen, especially since diesel can "gel".  

He also picked up some gas-line antifreeze since his truck stays outside.  Staying parked for days at a time doesn't help either but he (unlike me) really doesn't go anywhere other than the store.  

The reason it is not parked in the garage is quite simple.  It doesn't fit!
You see, when we found our house, it was already framed and sided.  There was no way, at that point in time, to make the garage bigger since the foundations were poured and everything was framed.  Although the existing garage will hold two mid-size/SUV vehicles, the Pres' truck is longer and higher being a 3/4 ton diesel.  Hopefully, this year we will build a standalone garage and the Pres will buy a newer truck.

  That's the plan anyway.

Do you have any big expenses coming up this year?


  1. Not a huge expense but we are planning on reconfiguring and repouring our sidewalk and doing a little front yard landscaping.

  2. there are always big expenses looming.

  3. home owners never have a year without something that needs to be fixed......

  4. Yep, what Sandra and TexWisGirl said.

  5. Gosh... I hope there are no big surprises of that kind anytime soon.... Michelle


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