Friday, January 31, 2014

Random 5 Friday

Getting in two really decent workouts, this week was a great one! I slept over to watch Mia Wednesday into Thursday...wait until I tell you!!

 I do miss Tai Chi terribly but I decided over the Winter months, it was pointless for me to sign up knowing the roads would be snowy and icy.  Practicing daily, I miss the actual class and people terribly.

Laughing so hard Tuesday night when talking to my Sister, I almost peed my pants.  She called to tell me that "Century is closed."  Living in the "panhandle,"  Century is not far from her.  "What do you mean it's closed?" I said.  She told me the town announced it was closing and shutting down everything with the exception of a gas station or two because of the ice!

We've decided that the Pres' truck does not like the cold.  "Did you check the battery and the cells for water, " I asked.  NO ANSWER.  So he had to connect it to the charger overnight and finally figured out why it wasnt taking the charge.  The battery terminals were all corroded...uh-duh...which means to me he never even looked!...MEN!!!

Knowing that vacation is two months away, I've decided that I'm taking less that I have in previous years since we hang out in bathing suits all day nearly every day.  Ah...warm sunshine...ocean waters...white sand...:).  I can't wait!

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  1. Love your randomness today! :)
    Wow, they closed the whole town, that's a lot of cold and ice!

  2. We have a section north of us that has all the roads into it closed because for several days they have been in white out conditions. They have actually declared it a disaster area. Sheesh...what a winter.

  3. When they *close down* on the Pan Handle, the winter is rough. -grin-

    Don't you kind of "snicker" at those Snow Birds, who flew south to avoid the "Winter Stuff"? And are getting caught in this?

    I know. It's not, not, not nice, to "snickkkker." My bad. My naughty.


  4. ditto on the man thing. the battery in my Vue quit, found out it was 5 years old.. pretty good. i said to the Man, the battery in your truck is older than the one that jsut quit... get one for your truck to when you buy mine. did he ? no. did his quit? yes...

  5. glad they left the gas stations open, at least. :)

  6. I had to replace my battery and battery terminals last summer due to corrosion. It can really cause some issues!

  7. Glad the gas stations remained open....LOL
    Love your new header.
    diane @ thoughts and shots

  8. Gas stations being open can help in weather like we've had. I have a friend who lives in Florida, and weather like this causes great damage. I haven't heard from her; I hope that all is well with her and her husband.

  9. with an entire town closed except a couple gas stations I would hate to be the poor person who had to work.

  10. Donner Pass!

    Love the random information...especially the sunshine and ocean breezes.

  11. Oh, trust me, Century wasn't the only place closed down. Everywhere else in shouting distance was closed, too. I-10 was closed for nearly 100 miles starting at the Alabama line, all the many bridges were closed because of ice, all the schools, government offices, and basically businesses were closed for two days. I know some folks laugh, but we have absolutely NO ice or snow equipment, so when we get freezing rain and sleet like we had, we just have to wait until it melts. Power lines and trees covered with ice. 17 vehicle pileup Tuesday night on the I-10 Blackwater River bridge involving about 5 semi-tractor trailers, with 2 drivers dying after their vehicles went into the water. (This just before all the bridges were closed.) My yards were covered with 1/2 to 1 inch of sleet and freezing rain and its all just melted off today. We didn't get above freezing from Tuesday night until Thursday, and then it was back down to 30 here on the coast last night.

  12. you have me laughing today. peed your pants ... i love laughing times like that ... so great!! ( :
    keep laughing ... keeps ya young.

  13. I can't wait for my vacation either! I'm going to Florida with my cousin in March, leaving my Shug and my Dixie Doodle to hold down the fort!

    Did you see what happened when Atlanta, GA did NOT close down! They should have.

    Cindy Bee

  14. Shane keeps his truck plugged in all winter -- it jacks up the electric bill, but he can start and go in the morning without any warm up. Have a great Sunday JP!

  15. I really want to plan a vacation...

  16. The south definitely can not handle unusual weather.


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