Friday, January 10, 2014

Not So Random

Snuggling with the Pres has always been easy for me. Making me feel safe, it's always been his strong, warm arms and the beating of his heart that quiet me. 

 A few weeks ago, the Pres had to have an echocardiogram done after his annual visit to our doctor. The Pres, like many other people, has a heart murmur caused by rheumatic fever when he was a child. But the doctor heard something unusual and wanted to get a few answers.

Although the test itself is quite simple, it seemed to take forever. What I found was that every time they would instruct the Pres to take a short breath, I would do the same. "Take a deep breath and hold it...hold it," she would say and I found myself inhaling and exhaling deeply, as I sat on the nearby cold, well-worn, green vinyl chair, while the pres lay on his side doing as he was told.

If you've ever had one of these done...first the pictures are taken using one instrument then the cardiologist team, using another instrument, listens to the sounds made by the arteries, veins and valves.

  Ahhhhh, yes. It was the beating of his heart that calmed me...quieted me...comforted me, releasing my mind from worry about Sis.  Symptoms of aortic valve malfunction include dizziness, shortness of breath, chest pain, heart failure and fainting.  

The Pres' heart...

 although not fine...
Side by side, it beats 
Along with mine

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  1. I hope everything is well with his heart....and therefore, yours. Glad you are doing the regular checkups but sometimes even that is not enough.
    We sure had a wake up call back in 2004!

  2. Life just seems to roll along from one problem to another doesn't it? I do hope he tested out alright.

  3. <3 Be calm. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  4. What a beautiful love story - now I have the same thing he has, but you hold HIM tight - okay?

  5. Dang! You had me in tears!
    **sigh** ....
    My husband has heart failure .... :-(
    I hope his testing went well .... keep us posted!
    diane @ aug's blog

  6. since you are my OM i feel ok saying i am glad to hear my OF is feeling ok. now listen we need to chat with him about the tv systems - tell it will save you bunches. i love it. where we live we also have rabbit ears ... did you ever those? i had them as a kid. my Grandma Ruby had an antennae on top of the house we had to turn to get a better signal. you ask away ... i will try to help. i dropped by on Netflix to only online services - they have both movies that can come to your house & online. Hulu has both tv & watching online. Amazon Prime is online too. it is amazing that there is not one company that has a bigger selection. but all of them offer different tv shows & movies. keep us posted on those tests. big big hugs to you both!! ( :

  7. I hope all will be well with his heart! Dang you have had a lot off stress lately. Hugs!

  8. Well you had me breathing a little harder as I read your post. I do hope things are okay.

  9. I hope both your hearts are okay--I know that together they are stronger and you are both stronger...

  10. Such a sweet post JP -- so glad your sweetheart's heart is healthy. xo

  11. Hope those tests went well. You two are quite the team Two hearts that beat at one :)

  12. I hope that the tests and any further care will all be positive. My dear husband has challenges with his aorta, but I am still comforted by the beating of his heart under my cheek. Thanks for sharing that.

  13. Yes... I have had that many more years if your two hearts beating together...


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